LifeAfter- Tips For Infinite Durability Of Your Rare Weapon



In LifeAfter, the most important and tough to farm and craft any rare weapon or equipment because it takes too much time. Though crafting is not an issue but the ingredients required to craft is quite troublesome. You will have to grind and farm the resources as well as encounter Elite Zombies on your way.

Wandering from places to places you would finally collect all ingredients and craft a worthy rare weapon. But once started using these weapons, you will notice its Durability will decrease gradually and needs some attention towards it. You have one of the options to repair it. After repairing you will notice its Sturdiness will decrease, though your Durability has reached its peak. Once your Sturdiness will decrease to 0, you might lose the capability to repair a weapon.

Tips To Increase Durability Without Repairing

You might increase the weapon Durability but in return lose Sturdiness. You must avoid this situation but the game doesn’t provide any solution in recovering your Sturdiness. We have experienced it’s quite unfortunate to not use your favorite crafted weapon in daily use. But there’s a way to increase the stats without decreasing your Sturdiness though it’s limited to how many times you can use it.

You will need to go to bed in your manor and quit the game with your weapon and armor equipped. Log in again and check your weapon attribute stats where you will notice that your Durability has increased somehow.

You can abuse this feature but as mentioned earlier it’s limited per day, so you can again quit your game tomorrow and let your character to rest for a bit and notice your weapon regained its Durability back.

Handling Your Rare Weapons

Though you can gain back your Durability back but still avoid any excessive use of your weapon for normal quests. These are tough to craft as we know and we can’t lose these weapons. For normal quests, you can use weapons like Machete and bow, which can be crafted later if they lose their Sturdiness after exploitation.

There is a fixed limit for heavy and rare items to be exported through mailing services. So you might have to farm and grind all the ingredients again to craft another or same rare weapons which will again take time. Limit your usage of your rare weapon when it’s necessary or when you are in a pinch.

There is one more feature of the game that once you have used your weapon in a quest or fight, and get wasted or surrendered, you will notice that your Durability has decreased (it’s inconsistent). We would recommend you to avoid such situations and always be prepared for it. In your Inventory keep a batch of bandage and cooked meals for your recovery and a weapon to fight your way through, though keep your rare weapon steady in your inventory.

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