LifeAfter: Server, Connection Issue,Report Bug Fix Online



LifeAfter is one of the best action survival with role-playing element added to it. NetEase released this game last month and has topped the chart is many countries. In this game, you get to explore a lot of huge areas while teaming up with your friends to kill zombies and ensure your survival. The game offers you a load of quests and challenges to complete.

In this guide, we will talk about how to fix your connection issue inLifeAfter game, and report a bug to improve the game for the community.

Bug Report

If you are encountering any type of bug while playing the game, you can officially report about it. You can visit HERE, fill up the report and submit. It is an official bug reporting page. Source: Official Facebook Group. You can join the official Facebook group, to find a new camp, friends, tips and many more.

Clearing Cache

Go to your setting and then installed applications, from there select LifeAfter and clear the cache.

Your phone tends to hold information of the game, so when the server gets updated your phone sometimes failed to update the cache and you can get a connection error.

Rebooting device or Wi-Fi router

If by following the above process you still can’t connect to the game. You might try to restart your phone and Wi-Fi router. You can also try switching from your Wi-Fi to Telecom internet or vice versa.

Changing Play Store Account

You can try changing your play store account and re-install the game. To switch your account log in Gmail and visit play store and tap on the three lines beside search bar and change your account.

Try using VPN

You can try using a VPN to change your location and try connecting to the game for getting better latency.

Even after completing all these steps you are unable to join the game, then maybe there is some server issue going on from the developer side and which will be fixed soon.

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