LifeAfter: Sell Guns, Earn Gold Bars,Become Mayor,Camp Basic Guide



In LifeAfter game, to earn a lot of gold bars you need to learn about its market and how trading is done in-game. You can sell your resources, guns and rare items in the central market’s stall. If you have any rare item, you can sell it for a huge amount of gold bars.

In this guide, we will show you how trading is done in the central market and how to become mayor and create your own camp or join one.

How Can You Locate The Central Market?

If you are not in HOPE 101, visit the helicopter evac point and go to HOPE 101, open you mini-map and locate the stall icon. Visit inside and you can a lot of stalls.  Stand near any stall and interact with it. Select the sell option and choose items that you want to sell.

Why Cant I Sell My Gun ?

Note: You can only sell your gun if it’s rare and its ribbon has not been opened.

For every rare gun you craft and claim, it comes with a ribbon packaging. To use your gun, you need to open the ribbon packaging but once it’s opened, you cannot sell it anymore. You don’t have to join a camp to trade in the central market.

You can distinguish rare guns from the nonrare gun, as rare guns have a diamond symbol displayed to it. If the items are not tradeable, they won’t be any diamond symbol.

Camp Basic Guide

Visit HOPE 101 and look for the board sign. Enter the building and interact with Billy. While interacting with him you will have four option:

  • want to know about private camps
  • I’ve prepared the 18500 gold bars, needed to create a camp. Please give me an application form
  • I want to join a camp. Do you have any camp info?
  • I have a few more things to do in 101

To create a camp, select the 2nd option and make sure you have 18500 gold bars. After selecting it you will become the mayor of the camp. You need to pay only 60% of the amount that is 18500. Rest amount will be paid by the players who will join your camp. You can set the entry fee to fund your camp.

Those who will pay to enter the camp, they won’t be needing the mayor permission which will be you. Other players who can’t afford the entry fee has to be approved by the mayor.

If you don’t have enough gold bars, at the moment you can join any camp and start farming gold bars. Select the 3rd option to join any camp and complete co-op missions.

If you still have any query about the camps you can select the 1st option to know more about the camps.

After creating your camp, you can move your manor from the Dev Zone. You will meet Rachele there, interact with her to receive gifts. Expand your camp by placing access bank, target training,  data center, merchants and many more.

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  1. Ok so I’m currently (active Mayor) is what my title says but this guy that hasn’t been on in 12 days is Mayor. How did I get the actual Mayor role of the camp?

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