LifeAfter: Sandcastle Photo Quest And Autumn Forest Secret Cave



In LifeAfter game, there are various secret caves in different zones. You can find many chests, unlocking them will grant resources and new dollars. While completing the sandcastle zone you will come across a photo quest, where you need to capture a picture of different animals.

In this guide, we will show you some secret cave location in Autumn Forest and how to complete the Sandcastle photo quest.

LifeAfter: Sandcastle Photo Quest

Capture Picture Of A Jackal

You can find the jackal near the abandoned places, at the banks of the river or near the helicopter evac points. To capture a picture of the jackal, tap on the camera icon at the top-right corner. Once the camera open, look at the jackal and click the picture.

Capture Picture Of Kudu

You can find Kudu at the side of the lake(Oasis). Locate the Kudu and click its picture. Refer above on how to use a camera and click a picture.

Capture Picture Of Scientia Land Crawler

Visit the Scientia HQ location and you will find some NPC and robots. You need to click the picture of the robot to complete this quest.

LifeAfter: Autumn Forest Secret Cave Chest Location
1st Secret Cave

Visit this location, you will find a mountain and some vines covering it. Gather the vines and it will open up a way. Enter inside to find the chests, unlock them and collect resources.

2nd Secret Cave

Visit this location, and follow the same procedure as mentioned above. Gathering vines will also grant you some resources like hemp.

3rd Secret Cave

If you are having trouble in finding this cave location, climb on the top of the mountain and move around the edges. At this location, you will find some gap in between the rocks, jump down and you will see the vines covering the entrance. Gather the vines and enter the cave.

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