LifeAfter: Rachel-Fernando Quest English Translation & New Drone Event



LifeAfter has given its players a new update this time with more benefits, rewards and new drone event called “Aerial Ace”. Team up with your friends to complete these quests to earn rewards and take part in the new drone event. While completing these quests, you will come upon the last quest of both Racheal and Fernando mentioned in a different language that might be a bug which will be fixed later.

In this post, we will talk about what’s new in this update, how to participate in the new drone event and English translation of the last quest of each NPC.

Weekend Benefits With Resident Quests

With this new update in LifeAfter, you need to select an NPC  and complete their quests to receive a large number of rewards. You can switch between these NPC after completing a quest. There will be 10 quests in total. After completing the 5th and 10th stages, you will receive a Weekend Lucky Box.

In the weekends the rewards from duty chests will be increased by 20% and completing the final quest will earn you a special reward. Also completing quests during the weekend, consumption of mastery compensation conversion is increased by 50 %.

New Drone Event And How To Take Part

New drone event will start at 18::00 to 20:00 every weekend and you can participate 5 times per day. You can use your own drone in the drill and don’t worry if you don’t have one. You can select one of the free drones offered by the caravan during the drills.

During this time no durability of your drone will be lost. You will be matched with other players based on your crafting mastery level. If you are playing in a team of 3, the division you are assigned to will depend on the player with the highest Crafting Mastery level.

You can take part in this event by talking to Ogri NPC in Hope 101. Talk with the NPC and select “I’m wanna join!” to take part in the event. To maximize your rewards during the event try to reach 1000 score in the day. You will get points according to how many opponents you have defeated.

English Translation Of Rachel’s And Fernando Quests

Rachel: 前往沙石堡猎取30个爪子(可组队累积)- Go to Sand Castle and collect 30 Claw (Can team up with friends)

Fernando: 前往白树高地猎取30个油脂(可组队累积)- Go to Snow Highlands and collect 30 Grease (Can team up with friends)

前往多贝雪山猎取30个兽牙(可组队累积)- Go to Mount Snow and collect 30 Beast Tooth (Can team up with friends)

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