LifeAfter: Protect Manor Raid Using Drone & New Co-op Partner Mission


LifeAfterIn LifeAfter, where you can feel like controlling a real character as the game has all the feature a survival game should have and keeps getting better day by day with new updates. The game keeps adding new events, game modes, and missions. Now a new mission is coming in a few days which can only be played if you are having a partner.

The Devs added a new feature recently that allows your drone to defend your manor from the raid. We have seen most players feel disheartened when a high-level players raid their manor and they seem to be helpless if camp members won’t help or they are offline. But now you can let your drone help you defend your manor even if you are AFK or offline.

How To Set Your Drone To Protect Manor From Raid

The drone can only be unlocked in LifeAfter once you reach manor level 6. You can craft a drone from gear workstation. Check out our previous post on Best Drone Combination And How To Craft One. We recommend you to craft a combat drone and set it to defend your manor.

Scientia has really worked hard on upgrading your drone system and to use this feature, go to the manor controller and set the drones to protect manor. You can select up to 5 drones to protect your manor. These 5 drones will be set in a queue and will defend your manor one by one. If one of the drones is destroyed by the raider, the next drone that is on the queue will come to protect. So make sure you at least have 3 combat drones and set them in 1-2-3 order.  During combat, your drones will use their guns and missile to fight the raider.

LifeAfter: New CO-OP Partner Mission

LifeAfter, one of the most trending survival online role-playing game will have a new co-op mission with your partner in the upcoming days. There are various missions in LifeAfter, which you can complete with your friends, partner or camp members. But this new mission is specifically for you and your partner. According to the devs, the mission doesn’t seem to be easy.

If you don’t have a partner yet, we suggest you get one as soon as you can so that you can play these missions once the update arrives and earn various rewards. Till now we don’t have an exact date when the update will be coming but according to the devs, it won’t take long.

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