LifeAfter: Mouth Swamp Exploration Quest Chest Locations



In LifeAfter, you will go over exploration missions where you have to find chests. You need to find 8 chests in this zone. Resulting in completing these journeys, you will get 1000 gold bars. What’s more, for each chest, you will get 1000 new dollar and a few resources.

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In this post, we will show you the chest locations in Mouth Swamp Zone.

1st Chest

Visit the location and dive under the water to find the chest. If you couldn’t find the chest, try moving in the direction of the arrow shown in the picture and you will find it.

2nd Chest

Visit the coordinate location shown in the picture above and you will find the chest near the waterfall.

3rd Chest

Visit the coordinate shown in the picture. There you will find a house, go to the 1st floor of the building and you will find the chest.

4th Chest

Go to the location shown on the map and you will find a few houses. First, check the house shown on the map and if you can’t find the chest. Search the nearby two or three houses and you will find it.

5th Chest


Go to the marked location shown in the map and search the houses to find the chest.

6th Chest

Visit the Coordinate [3967, -4069] near the Old Boathouse in the map. There you can find the chest at the top of a container but be careful as you will encounter some lvl35 infected.

7th Chest


Visit the red circled area marked on the picture above Black Spring Dock. There you will find a cliff and in front of it a hut. Below the hut, you will find the chest. Note- Don’t go to the shown co-ordinate on the map.

8th Chest

Visit the coordinates (-7681, 2295) on the map. There you will find a house, below the house you can find the chest.

NOTE: These locations are for my server and the location may vary from server to server, which we don’t know yet. But if you are facing any difficulties in finding any of these chests, do mention in the comment.

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