LifeAfter: Master Key, Locked Chests Locations And How To Open



LifeAfter game features a variety of items crafting. You just need to know the amount of resource the item needs to be crafted. In this guide, we will show you how to craft master keys, locked chests locations and where to find them.

You can find a lot of locked chests in Farstar City. You can visit Farstar City by visiting the helicopter evac point and tap open. A mini-map will pop up, tap on Farstar city above the autumn forest. You must have combat level 5 to unlock Farstar city.

To unlock the locked chests, you will need a master key. You can craft master key using wood, stone and iron ore. But to craft the master key you will need the master key formula. To unlock master key formula you will need crafting mastery level 13. You can learn it by spending skill points or a new dollar.

Resources Required To Craft Master Key

You will learn the master key formula only after reaching crafting mastery level 13. After learning the formula, you can craft the master key by selecting the make option from the bottom-left side of the screen. Search for the mastery key in all tab, select the master key and tap craft. To craft master key you need 100x wood, 50x stone, and 1x Iron ore. To gather wood chop trees and for stone and iron ore break the rocks.

Fastest Way To Reach Crafting Mastery Level  13

In LifeAfter, the fastest way to reach crafting mastery level 13 is by completing quests. Complete the various quest as fast as you can of Autumn Forest, Sandcastle Quest, General Training Quests. By completing these quests, you earn a huge amount of mastery points.

To complete the Autumn Forest and Sandcastle Quests, visit the location using the helicopter. Go to the shelter and look for the board. Check the quests from the board and complete them. To complete Training Quests tap on the training option on the top of the game screen, here you can check all the quest and complete them to earn mastery points

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