LifeAfter: How To Hug And Earn More Than 3000 Gold Bars Instantly


LifeAfterLifeAfter game has tons of feature, interactions with various objects and players. You can make your house, camps and invite over your friends. The game becomes much easier playing co-op than solo. You can interact with your friends, share resources, and complete mission together. You can propose to your partner, and also can take a selfie while hugging.

In this guide, we will talk about how to hug your partner and you can also earn more than 3000  gold bars instantly.

How To Hug

You can only hug your partner if your friendliness with her is great. There is a number of ways to increase friendliness. You can check your friendliness points with your friend through manor controller. You can only check if they are inside your manor.

To increase friendliness you need to defeat enemies together. You need to interact with your friend’s manor board and give a like. Participate in stronghold battles together and gift each other roses and lily basket. You can also earn charisma points by sending each other white rose during this event period. Check out more about the white valentine event and its exclusive items.

How To Earn More Than 3000 Gold  Bars Instantly in LifeAfter

To earn thousands of gold bar easily, you need to have a co-op partner. As you already know there are a lot of locked boxes in Sandcastle, Farstar City, And Miska University. Visit these zones and follow this trick. The trick to earn gold bars is that one of you should lure the zombies away from the box, while the other one quickly loots the box and collect rare items. Only go to Miska University if you are sure you can lure the infected.

If you are lucky, you can easily get high-value rare items and sell them in the market for gold bars. Make sure to only loot the boxes which zombies are guarding. They are quite slow and it will easy for you to escape them.

Make sure to eat some food which gives movement speed and gathering boost. There are tons of recipe available in LifeAfter game which gives a boost to your stats. Check out here complete food recipe list available in the game.

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