LifeAfter: How To Get Formula Shards,R&D Data, And All NPC List



In LifeAfter game, you will find a lot of NPC who will give you quest and with whom you can interact. You can increase your acquaintance level with them to obtain gift and rewards. You can also send them gifts to increase the acquaintance level.

In this guide, we will show you a list of all available NPC, items we can obtain from them in LifeAfter, gathering tools, weapons, armors list and how to get formula shards.

NPC in LifeAfter And Resouce To Obtain From Them
Hope 101

You can find Chris, Vincent, Judy, and Tom in Hope 101 zone. Interacting with Chris and Judy will help you increase your Skill Point. Vincent will provide Armor Materials And Tom, Weapon Materials.

You can also find Stephen, Ivan and Crouch in Hope 101. Stephen and Ivan will provide you skill points and Crouch will give Formula Shards.


You can obtain Formula Shards by interacting with Heider.

YK Store

You can get Weapon Materials by interacting with Enya in the store.

Commerce Bureau

You can obtain Armor Materials from Fernando in Commerce Bureau. You can find Rachel in the same building, interact with her to get Formula Shards.

Steak House

Interact with Rapunzel in Steak house for Formula shards and with Stephen for Skill Points


In this zone, you can find NPC named Lina and Sekter who will provide Weapon Materials. Perfect and Sextius will provide you Armor Materials. You can obtain Skills Points by interaction with Qunitai and Quintus. Interact with Vanessa to refill your health bar.

Increase your acquaintance level with all the NPC to receive rewards. Check your quantity of resource and if you have a resource with more quantity, you can gift it to the NPC.

NPC Who Provide Memorial Coins

You can find the NPC as they are marked in the blue icon in your mini-map. Gift them an item to increase your acquaintance level to obtain rewards from your mailbox.

Fall Forest– Iguana

SandCastle– Greyhawk, Kari

Mount Snow- Six-Eye Spider( Near the Snowy Pass)

Favourite Item Or Food Of NPC
  • Chris- Broadleaf, Silicon.
  • Vincent- Twig, Resin, Old Cypress, Hardwood Vine, Wood Core, Cypress Leaf.
  • Judy- Wooden Board, Brick, Cement.
  • Tom- Leather, Nylon Cloth, Plastic, Polyester Cloth
  • Ivan- Iron Casting, Hexagon Nail, Smokeless Gunpowder, Hard Aluminium.
  • Crouch- Milk.
  • Heider- Egg Tart, Milk Pudding, Strawberry Muffin, Strawberry Jelly.
  • Enya- Egg Tart, Fruit Cake.
  • Fernando- Bone, Claw, Grease, Hide, Beast Tendon, Beast Horn.
  • Rapunzel- Spaghetti, Mushroom Udon Noodles.
  • Lina- Strawberry Jelly.
  • Sekter- Meat Skewer, Mushroom Skewers, Mince Pie, Honey Grilled Meat, Meat Platter.
  • Quintai- Toast, Mince Pie, Sandwich, Special Pizza, Spaghetti, Mily Croissant.
  • Quintus- Iron Casting, Hexagon Nail, Hard Alluminium Alloy, Screw
How To Get Formula Shards And Research & Development Data in LifeAfter

You can research new item by using the R&D facility. To research new items you will need to fuse formula shards. You can research weapons, armors, items, defense facilities, structures and many more. There are various ways to collect formula shards which are:

NPC– Refer to the NPC and their reward to know from which NPC you will get formula shards.

Events– You can exchange chocolates to earn formula shards.

Treasure Maps– You can buy treasure maps from the merchant near the stronghold battle board. Open the bag and use the treasure map, go to the location and start digging.

Achievements– You can get formula shards by completing the quest and claiming achievements.

Sandcastle– You can find formula shards by unlocking the chest at the center of the hall in the sandcastle zone.

Farstar City And Charles Town– You can get formula shards in these zones from the airdrop chests.

Snow Highlands– You can find formula shards in Warehouse in this zone which will be guarded by the mercenaries.

R&D data is used to upgrade blueprints and formulas. You can get R&D data by fusing shards or when you get a duplicate item by fusing. You can also get this data from the events.

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