LifeAfter: How To Get Diving Pack And All Resources in Santopany



LifeAfter got its new zone Santopany with dilapidated ruins, crashed planes, underwater shipwrecks and many more. Also, this zone is affected by tycoons, which affect your adventure because you will lose health. Find shelter as soon as possible during a rainstorm.

In this post, we will show all the resources available in this zone and where to find the diving pack.

LifeAfter: How To Get The Diving Pack

A whole new adventure awaits for us at the bottom of the sea, which can only be visited with the help of diving pack and propeller. By buying or crafting the diving pack, you can roam in river or sea freely and discover many coral reefs and fish species.

You can purchase a diving pack from the Armor Shop merchant Nico or craft yourself one in Hope 101. You can only unlock the diving pack when your manor level reaches 9.

Now you can also throw message bottle into the sea, and to your luck, someone might pick it up.

Resources Available In Santopany LifeAfter

Common resources are:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Shells
  • Hemp
  • Seaweed

Uncommon resources are:

  • Peppers
  • Coconuts
  • Sea Mushrooms
  • New Kinds Of Fish

There are many more things added and changed in this game, follow our site to learn more and we keep updating.

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