LifeAfter: How To Craft UZI,Resources Required And Where To find



At the starting of the game you have to craft a Mondragon Rifle, but will not enough at later quest’s. As you progress in the game you will need powerful guns which can be crafted using resources.

The Mondragon Rifle Attack damage is 27, while Uzi damage is 35. The fire rate of Uzi is also faster than Mondragon Rifle. You can also craft many more SMG’s like MP5, Thompson, UMP9 and in AR: Mondragon Rifle, AK47, Sniper Rifle, M24  and many more.

To craft these guns, first of all, you will need the formula to craft it by fusing shards in the formula research facility. The formula will get randomly extracted. In this guide, I will talk about how to craft UZI and some tips to use it.

LifeAfter: Requirement And Formula For UZI

When you upgrade your cabin/manor to level 3, you will unlock the UZI formula. But you must have minimum combat mastery level 10 to use it.

Ingredients Required are iron casting, hexagon nail, and claw.

How To Get Iron Casting

Iron Casting can be crafted by using Tin Ore, Iron Ore and Wood Core. You can find these resources in Autumn Forest and Sandcastle. Tin Ore and Wood Core are available in Sandcastle, where you have to break rocks to get Tin Ore and chop a tree to get Wood Core.  Iron ore is available in Autumn forest and can be farmed by breaking rocks.

How To Get Hexagon Nail

Hexagon Nail can be crafted using Pig Iron, Hardwood Vine, and Bones. You can find these resources in Autumn Forest. For Pig Iron you need to craft Iron Ore and Twig. Twig can found by chopping trees and Iron Ore by breaking rocks in Autumn Forest.

For Hardwood Vines you need to wait for rainy days to chop trees in Autumn Forest else you will find Twig only. For Bones, you need to hunt animals or zombies in Autumn Forest.

How To Get Claw

Claws can be obtained by killing animals and infected zombies in Sandcastle or Charles Town. The animals and infected zombies levels are quite high levels in these locations so you must be of higher level or team up with friends to gather resources.

LifeAfter: UZI Skins And Their Abilities

Cosmetics in this game are not only for decoration. Each skin has its own special ability. As for now in LifeAfter, you can get three UZI Skins: Rainy Day Vanguard, Snow Elite and Collector’s Edition.

Rainy Day  Vanguard
  •  Increases damage by 6% on rainy days.
  • Increases power by 2.
Snow Elite
  • Increases power by 2.
  • Movement speed gets increased by 5% and damage to zombie increases by 12% in snowfields.
Collector’s Edition
  • Increases power by 3.
  • Movement speed gets increased by 20% when firing.
  • Increase the capacity of carrying ammo.

You can get these skins from the formula research facility. Collectors edition of the skin can only be crafted if you have Gun Maker cert.

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