LifeAfter: How To Craft Potassium Nitrate And Make Plastic



Potassium Nitrate is one of the rarest resources in LifeAfter game and a little complex to craft it. Potassium Nitrate is used in crafting of plastic.

As Potassium nitrate is the rarest among them we will guide you on how to buy or trade them as well as gather them for free.

There are two ways to get potassium nitrate which are:

  • Buy or Trade
  • Crafting
Potassium Nitrate

To make Potassium nitrate, the resources required are Camp Ore Extractor, Drill Engine Oil, and Alloy Drill Bit. Let’s get into details about each one of this resource and how to get them.

Camp Ore Extractor

Craft camp ore extractor from the material bench. Stand close to the material bench, scroll down and select craft camp ore extractor. The resources required to craft it are wood, stone, and hemp. You will find all these resources in the Autumn Forest.  After finishing crafting, place the camp ore extractor in the farmland.

Farmlands are the areas near your manor where you can plant crops, sow seed, and place livestock pen. You will find some stones on your farmland which you need to remove using gold bars. We recommend you to  find farmland with no stones to place your camp ore extractor.

Drill Engine Oil

To run mining machine in LifeAfter game, you need fuel which is called drill engine oil in-game. Drill Engine Oil can be gathered from wilderness chests, from the trade city, and from the camp vault merchant. Visit your camp vault, there you will find a merchant. Interact with him to look for items in his bag.

Alloy Drill Bit

To extract ore from the mining machine, we need an alloy drill bit. Stand close to the ore extractor and you will get an extract option. Select an alloy drill bit. You will get 1 unit of the alloy drill bit by completing the new area quest of Chapter 3 (newbie quest).

You can also get alloy drill bit by farming in sandcastle, snow highlands, Charles town. You have to search for chests in these areas and unlock them to get an alloy drill bit.

Extracting Potassium Nitrate

After placing the camp ore extractor in the farmland, stand close to it and choose extract. Use the alloy drill bit, add fuel and wait for few hours for the machine to dig out ore. Visit after a few hours and you will see the ore in the drilling machine. Go close to it and use the iron pickaxe to mine potassium nitrate.

Visit Market To Buy

You can buy potassium nitrate by visiting HOPE 101 and go to the central market. Once you reach the central market, get inside and take a left. After turning left, point at the table and select trade. From the list select potassium nitrate and buy.

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