LifeAfter: Charles Town Exploration Quest Chest Locations



In LifeAfter, you will go over exploration quests where you need to discover chests. You have to discover 8 chests in this zone. Subsequent to finishing these quests, you will get 1000 gold bars. And for every chest, you will get 1000 new dollar and some items.

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In this post, we will show you the chest locations in Charles Town Zone.

1st Chest

Charles Town

Visit the coordinate [-2373, -19] and dive in the water. Keep trying to find till the marked position and you will find the chest.

2nd Chest

Charles Town

Visit Charles Town West, in the located given above. There you will find a food stall and the chest will be above that.

3rd Chest

Charles Town

Visit this co-ordinate [-1631, -2106] and you will see some containers. Climb above the container and you will find the chest.

4th Chest

Charles Town

Visit Quarry marked in the picture above. There you will find a cave-like opening. First, try to find the cave entrance where the character is standing. If you fail to find the chest that side, look for other entrances and you will find it.

5th Chest

Charles Town

Visit the coordinates [-576, -2886] and climb on the cliff. Go the marked location and you will find the chest in one of the cliffs. To get better sight, use the rope.

6th Chest


Visit Charles Town East and first go to the marked location on the picture above. Try to search for chest inside or on the roof of houses and you will find it.

7th Chest


Visit the Nuclear Power Plant and you will the chest above the container. If you are having trouble locating this chest, move to the exact location marked on the picture above.

8th Chest


Visit the warehouse in the marked location at Nuclear Power Plant. In that warehouse, you can see some wooden crate and will find the chest above them.

NOTE: These locations are for my server and the location may vary from server to server, which we don’t know yet. But if you are facing any difficulties in finding any of these chests, do mention in the comment.

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