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In this post, we will guide you through the Chapter 3 newbie quest called new journey. If you have already cleared Chapter 1 and 2 you can proceed with this guide, if not check out our previous guide on:

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LifeAfter: Chapter 3 Walkthrough

There are 5 main quests which you have to complete in order to advance to the next chapter:

  • Reinforce Manor
  • New Area
  • Upgrade Weapons
  • Battle Upgrade
  • Stronghold

1. Reinforce Manor

Upgrade All Your Abilities To Level 10

To complete this quest, you need to reach level 10 in all the abilities. You can reach level 10 the fastest way by completing all the Autumn Forest quest. You can also upgrade each ability individually, gathering by farming resource, combat by killing infected, and for crafting you need to complete the quest and participate in events.

Reach Manor Level 3

To complete this quest, go the Dev Zone and locate the controller near your manor. Interact with the control to upgrade your manor to level 3. Make sure you have enough resources to upgrade it. The resources required are:

  • Wooden Boards- Can be crafted from the material bench
  • Brick- Can be crafted from the material bench, secondary resources are stones, bones, and lime. Check out our post here on how to get lime.
  • Pig Iron- Can be crafted from gear station.

As in our previous post on chapter 1 and 2 walkthroughs we discussed on how to get them while you have gathered these secondary resources on the previous quest, we won’t be going into details on how to get them.

Craft Livestock Pen

You can complete this quest by crafting the livestock pen from the material bench. Livestock pen is used to raise animals in farmlands.

Place The Livestock Pen And Raise 1 Piglet

To complete this quest, visit the farmland which can be found in the Dev Zone near your manor. Tap on the build option once you are near the farmland and place the livestock pen. Stand close to the livestock pen and raise the piglet. Different animals produce different resource. Pig produces meat and cow produces milk in LifeAfter.

Find Jessica And Choose A Cert

To find Jessica, visit Hope 101 and enter the commerce bureau. You can locate the commerce bureau by opening the mini-map and go to (i) mark. You need to talk to Jessica and choose a Cert

Check out Our Guide All Certs Available And The Best One Among Them

2. New Area

Make Iron Axe And Pickaxe

To complete this quest, you need to make an iron axe and pickaxe. Tap on the make option, scroll down and make iron axe and pickaxe. Iron axe and pickaxe are better than previous weapons stone axe and pickaxe. Your secondary resources drop rate increases.

Visit Sandcastle

To complete this quest, visit the helicopter and select sandcastle from the mini-map. The difficulty level is high in Sandcastle, as high-level zombies and robots can be found here. You can also gather tin ore, wood core, hemp bast, and many other resources.

Gather Tin Ore, Resin, And Hemp Stem

To complete this quest, visit Sandcastle and gather these resources. Use iron axe to break rocks for Tin Ore, chop trees for Resin and you will get hemp stems by gathering hemp. Hemp stem is a secondary resource of hemp which you will get randomly while gathering.

Kill Three Animals

To complete this quest, kill any three animals using any weapon. If you are having trouble finding animals, visit the river bank. Make sure not attack high-level animals like bear, if you don’t have enough healing items with you.

Unlock Chest

To complete this quest, unlock any chest from Sandcastle zone. You can find lots of chest in many abandoned houses in this area. You can find a bunch of zombies inside the house but make sure no to enter the castle because mercenaries will kill you.

3. Upgrade  Weapons

Make Enhancement

To complete this quest, you need to craft enhancement level 2 using the material bench. Resources need to craft enhancement level 2 are cement, brick, and wooden board.

Check out our guide on how to get sandstone.

Craft Wine Cabinet

You can craft the wine cabinet from the material bench.

Make Plastic, Iron Casting

To complete this quest, you need to make plastic. To make plastic you need 4 resources:

Resin-Chop trees in Sandcastle

Potassium Nitrate-Resources required are Camp Ore Extractor, Drill Engine Oil, Alloy Drill Bit. Check out our post for details location of these resources and how to make plastic.

Cloth– Resources required Rag and Hemp Bast. For Rag you need hemp and plant root can be obtained from Autumn Forest and Farstar City. For Hemp Bast, you need to gather hemp in Sandcastle.

Hemp Step– be obtained by gathering hemp in Sandcastle

For Iron Casting, the resources needed are Tin Ore, Iron Ore, and Wood Core. For gathering Iron Ore breaks the rock in Autumn Forest. For Wood Core, chop trees in the sandcastle. Use an iron axe and pickaxe to gather faster.

Make A UZI

Check out our post on how to craft UZI.

Make Expedition Expert or Police Jacket

To complete this quest, you need to craft expedition expert in the gear station. You can discover police jacket formula by fusing shard in the formula research facility.

Resources required for crafting expedition expert are cloth, plastic and hide. Resources required for Police Jacket are cloth, plastic and screw.

For making a screw, you need iron casting, hemp seed, sulfur, and little branch. For collecting hemp seed you need to plant castor seeds in the farmland. Sulfur can be gathered by breaking rocks in Sandcastle. To obtain little branch plant oak seeds in the farmland.

4. Battle Upgrade

Complete Sand Castle Resource Point

To complete this quest, visit sandcastle and open your mini-map to locate the house icon. Go to that location and enter the shelter. You will find a quest board. Interact with it too and accept the quest of complete resource points in the sandcastle. Open your mini-map and locate (i) icon, quest target point. To complete it you need to kill a mercenary after you kill him to search his body and collect the items.

You also have to complete some additional quest like kill an animal or gather hemp/stone. While doing these quest, scattered items will appear(bag). Search inside the bag to complete the resource points quest.

Defeat Rebel Mercenaries

To complete this quest, you need to visit sandcastle and open your mini-map. Locate the mercenary quest area, go there and kill all the rebel mercenaries.

Defeat the infected

To complete this quest, you need to kill 15 infected in sandcastle zone.

Complete Miska University

To complete this mission, you need to visit Miska and team up with other player or camp members to save some NPC. You can find NPC inside some houses locked behind the bookshelves. At first, you need to kill some infected and get the classroom key. You can save the NPC by unlocking the classroom in the monster spawn location. You need to ignite the barrels to see the quest target points and save NPC’s. In the end, you will interact with a girl and exit the Miska.

Kill The Mystic Creature in the Autumn Forest

At first, you need to check if the Mystic Creature has appeared or not. You can find out by tapping daily on the top of screen, find the Mystic Creature(World Boss) event. If it’s going on in Autumn Forest, visit that location and kill the Mystic Creature. There will be many other players who will be trying to kill it, make sure you hit some shots before he’s dead. Once he is dead, go near him and search the body to complete the quest.

5. Stronghold

Reach Ability Level 15

In the above post, we have mentioned how to reach ability level 10, follow the same guide to reach level 15.

Reach Manor Level 4

Refer above, reinforcer 2nd quest to reach Manor Level 4.

Participate In Stronghold Battles

Go to Autumn Forest and open mini-map. Visit the stronghold battle location. There you will find a board, aim at it and start the battle. You have to create or join a team. You have to escort the NPC at his destination, in the quest. You need to kill all the infect and protect the NPC.

Defeat The Elite Infected

You can find the elite infected in the Autumn Forest. Open your mini-map and go to the heavy infected area. If you are not sure, you can kill him alone, make sure to invite your friends for the co-op to defeat him. Once you kill him, search his body to complete the mission.

Complete Miska University Mission

Refer above quest 4 new journey, to complete this quest.

With this your Chapter 3 Newbie quest will be completed.

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