LifeAfter: Chapter 2 Newbie Quest’s Guide And Walkthrough



After you complete half development of your house in LifeAfter, Rachele will hand over an amateur journey survival manual that will enable you to become familiar with the essential parts of the game. The survival manual has five parts for you to finish and in today post we will help you in finishing chapter 2.

You will figure out how to make due in the wild, gain gold bars, extend knapsack thing, new dollar, ability focuses and many more. Other Chapter’s walkthrough will be posted as we continue advancing in the game.

LifeAfter: Chapter 2 Walkthrough

There are 5 main quests which you have to complete in order to advance to the next chapter :

  • Upgrade Manor
  • Manor Intro
  • Farstar City
  • New Findings
  • Moving on

1. Upgrade Manor

Upgrade Your Manor To Level 2

In the first quest of the 2nd chapter, you have to upgrade your manor. The resources required  to upgrade your manor to level 2  are :

  • Wooden Boards X5 (Quantity)
  • Stones X200
  • Wood X400

To craft wooden boards you need twig and wood. Twig and wood can be found by cutting trees, as the twig is a secondary resource you might not get it in every hit. To craft 1 unit of wooden board you need 2 twigs and 120 wood.

Stones can found by breaking rocks with a pickaxe. You can go to any wildland and start destroying rocks. You can get stone everywhere as it a common resource.

Collect woods by chopping trees with an axe. Your all abilities level (Combat, Gather, Crafting) should be 5 or more to upgrade your manor.

Create Weapon Chest

Weapon chest can be crafted from the material bench which can be found in your manor (Dev Zone).

Plant in Farmland

In the Dev Zone near your manor, you can find many farmlands which may be blocked by stones. Stand near them to interact and clear it. After clearing the farmland use any seed or other items to grow a plant. You can gather seed from the wilderness.

2. Manor Intro

Fuse Gear And Furniture Formula In R&D Station

After you upgrade your manor to level 2, you will get various rewards. To claim these rewards visit to the newbie quest menu. After claiming the rewards check your mailbox to get the research station. If you didn’t get the research station even after completing the quest, you can craft one in the furniture store.

Place the research station in your manor and interact with it to fuse formula and compose.

Click Picture Of Manor

To click a picture of your manor, interact with the board outside manor and select add snapshot.

Buy limestone

Check out our post here on how to get limestone.

Make Brick And Enhancement

Use the material bench in your manor to make brick. Interact with the material bench, select workable and make brick. Similarly, you can make enhancement by interacting with the material bench, select formula list, find enhancement and make.


Visit your manor in the Dev Zone and select the build option. Select the item that you crafted in the last quest from the enhancement tab, point towards the wall and tap on the tick option to confirm.

3. Farstar City

Visit Farstar City

You can visit Farstar City by using the helicopter from the evac point or from the Dev Zone.

Collect Twigs

You can collect twigs by chopping trees in the Farstar City.

Unlock Chest

Check out our post on how to get master key and locked chest in Farstar City.

Kill The Infected

Find zombies in Farstar City and kill them. You can craft better guns to easily kill the infected. Check out our previous post on how to craft UZI.

Ship Twig

Once you have completed all the previous quest and gathered enough twig, visit the helicopter evac point. You can find the evac point on the mini-map by locating the green/grey color helicopter point. If it’s green, that means the helicopter is there. If it’s grey, then you have to wait for a few minutes for the helicopter to arrive.

Once you reach the evac point, talk with the mailman and ship your resources.

4. New Findings

Expand Your Backpack

Once you have completed the previous quest, you will get a reward (expand backpack item) in your newbie option which can be found on the top-right side of the game screen. Claim the reward from the newbie option and visit HOPE 101.

After reaching HOPE 101, open your mini-map and locate the armor icon. Visit the armor shop and interact with the NPC to expand your backpack.

Make Repair Bench

To craft repair bench, you need wood and iron ore (600 wood, 4 Iron Ore). Wood can be obtained by cutting trees and Iron Ore can be obtained by breaking rocks. Iron Ore is a secondary resource so you might not get it in every hit.

You can craft the repair bench by visiting the furniture store in HOPE 101. Once you are done crafting the formula, mail it to the Dev Zone.

Visit the Dev Zone and claim your repair bench from the mailbox.

Set Dog Habit

To set your dog habit, visit HOPE 101 and find a girl name, Matilda. If you are unable to find her, open your mini-map and visit quest target point. After locating Matilda interact with her and set your dog habit.

Place Your Repair Bench

Once you have claimed your repair bench, stand in your manor and select the build option. Go to the furniture tab, select the repair bench and place it in your manor.

Use Oven To Find Recipes

You can discover the recipes by just putting food items in the grill. Check out all the recipe available in LifeAfter.

5. Move On

Gather Mushrooms

You can gather mushrooms on rainy days in Autumn Forest or Farstar City. Open your mini-map on rainy days to locate green color food icons.

Gather Hardwood Vines

Visit Farstar City on a rainy day and cut trees to gather Hardwood Vines.

Kill Infected

Kill the zombies which spawn during the night time.

Unlock Chest

Check out our post on how to get master key and locked chest in Farstar City.

Kill Infected

Kill the zombies which spawn during the night time.

After completing all these quests, your LifeAfter Chapter 2 newbie quest’s will be finished.

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