LifeAfter: Chapter 1 Newbie Quest’s Guide And Walkthrough



After you complete half construction of your manor in LifeAfter, Rachele will hand over a newbie quest survival manual that will help you learn the basic aspects of the game. The survival manual has five chapters for you to complete and in today post we will help you in completing chapter 1.

You will learn how to survive in the wild, earn gold bars, expand backpack item, new dollar, skill points and many more. Other Chapter’s walkthrough will be posted as we keep progressing in the game.

LifeAfter: Chapter 1 Walkthrough

There are 5 main quests which you have to complete in order to advance to the next chapter :

  • Fall Forest I
  • Back Home
  • Fall Forest II
  • Make Weapons
  • Set Out Again

1. Fall Forest I

Storing Items

In this quest you have to store items in your cabinet.Go near the cabinet and interact, open it and put the items.

If you don’t have a cabinet in your manor, you can build it with material bench. The material bench can be found in the dev zone or you can craft one for yourself in the furniture store(Hope 101).

Take The Helicopter

The helicopter will always be there to move you from one location to another. If you are having trouble finding your helicopter in the dark, open your mini-map and find the passageway icon(Red Exit door) on the map. This passageway displays the helicopter location. Go near the helicopter, open, pact zone and visit Autumn forest.

Gather Resources

You have to gather resources like wood and stone in Autumn Forest. Use your axe to chop trees and pickaxe to break the rocks.

Gather Hemp And Berries

To complete this quest you need to collect berries and hemp. You can find berries by visiting the green points in the map and hemp by visiting autumn leaf icon on the map.

Ship the Resources

In this quest, you have to use the mailman to ship your resources to complete it. You will not be able to go back home if you don’t do this. Visit the helicopter evac point by visiting the red exit doorway icon in mini-map. Use the ladder to go up. Make sure you have gathered enough resources to ship it. Once you reach the top of the ladder, the mailman will be waiting for us. Interact with him and use mailing service and send all.

2. Back Home

Claim The Resources

After completing your last quest of shipping resources from Autumn Forest, you have to visit your home(Dev Zone) and claim your resources from the mailbox.

Use Oven To Cook Food

You will need ingredients like berries or get Jam to cook a dish which you can find in the Autumn Forest. To cook your food, you will need an oven. If you don’t have an oven in your manor then you can craft one at the furniture store. You can find a furniture store in Hope 101(Town). Open your mini-map and look for the hammer icon.

Once you visit the furniture store, go inside and craft the oven. To craft oven, you will need wood and iron ore. Once you finish crafting the oven, it can be found in your mail at the Dev Zone.

Make Wooden Board And Cabinet

You can craft these items from the material bench. If you don’t have material bench in your manor, you can craft one from the furniture store. You can find a furniture store in Hope 101(Town). Open your mini-map and look for the hammer icon.

Make Rag/Craft Casual Jacket

To craft casual jacket we need an item called Rag. To craft these items you need gear workstation, you can visit the furniture store to craft it. Go close to your gear workstation, then select craft, armor making and then tap on the workable option and select

Store Items In Your Crafted Cabinet

Store item in your cabinet which can be found on your manor to complete this mission.

3. Fall Forest II

Visit Autumn Forest

Visit the helicopter evac point to visit Autumn Forest

Make Arrows And Bandages

Tap the make button at the left side of your game screen to craft arrows and bandages. For crafting arrow you will need wood and stone, while to craft bandage you will need hemp.

Gather Bones

Use your crafted bow and arrow to hunt animals in the wilderness. Make sure not to hunt big animals like a bear as your level will be not enough to kill them at this moment with the bow. Hunt small animals like deer or wolf. Always stack bandage and food while hunting.

Once you kill an animal in the wilderness, go near them and search their body to pick up bones

Gather Iron/Twig/Flint

You can gather twig by chopping trees using an AXE. Flint and iron can be acquired by breaking rocks using a pickaxe. Flints are rare resources, so you might not get them in every hit.

Ship Your Resource

After you complete the previous quests, you will have enough resources to ship to your home. Visit the helicopter evac point, use the ladder to go up and interact with the mailman to use the mail service. Send all your items to your home(Dev Zone).

4. Make Weapons

Claim Your Items

If you have completed all the previous quest of Fall Forest II. You need to visit your manor and check the mailbox to retrieve the shipped resources.

Make Pig Iron

You can craft Pig Iron from the gear workstation. If you don’t have a gear workstation in your manor, craft it from the furniture store in HOPE 101(Town). For Pig Iron you need to craft Iron Ore and Twig.

To craft Pig Iron visit your gear workstation, select crafting, then make a weapon and tap the workable option then select Pig Iron. You need to choose the quantity and then tap to start the craft.

Make Mondragon Rifle

You can use the gear workstation to craft the Mondragon Rifle.

Make Gunpowder/Crude Ammo Box

Use your gear workstation, select craft, then make weapons, select crude ammo box and tap on the workable tab and select gunpowder.

Load Ammunition In Your Rifle

Select crude ammo which you have crafted in the previous quest from your bag which can be found on the bottom left side of the game screen. place the ammo box on the ground and exit your bag, Go near the ammo box and reload your weapon.

5. Set Out Again

 Use Helicopter

Visit Autumn forest again and equip your Mondragon Rifle

Accept Board Quest

Once you reach Autumn Forest, open your mini-map and search for the home icon. Visit the point where you will find a quest board near the house. Stand close to the board and tap the view button to accept the quest’s

Scan Resource Points

Once you accept your quest from the board, open your mini-map to locate the resource points. You can see the yellow color marker above the objects, animals or zombies. Open your mini-map and on the left side, you can check the quest target icons.

Kill Infected Zombies

To complete this quest you have to kill the zombies in the wilderness. Zombies mostly appear in the dark during night times. You can kill the zombies using your Mondragon Rifle or any other weapon

Unlock Chests

You need to explore the map to find the location of the chests. Mostly they can found near the helicopter evac point but there is no fixed location for it.

After completing all these quests, your LifeAfter Chapter 1 newbie quest’s will be finished

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