LifeAfter:Change Game Server, Switching Game Data To Different Platform



As LifeAfter is an online role-playing game, it has a different server for the different zone for its users. But sometimes when you open up your game, you can’t find your server and your saved game too. What to do if you encounter such a situation? Don’t worry, in this post, we will show you how to change your LifeAfter game server from SEA to NA or NA to SEA and cross-platform compatibility.

How To Change Server In LifeAfter

First of all, you need to check on which server are you playing. You can check your server by simply logging in to your game and on the home screen, it will show your server. It will be either SEA or NA. If you are a SEA player but your game is showing some other servers you can easily change it back to SEA with these few simple steps.

To change your server to SEA, visit your phone settings, then language and input. From there you can select the language of your device. Add any SEA region language to your device and delete the previous language you are using. After that open your LifeAfter game and you can see your SEA server back with your saved games. Some SEA language country you can select is Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

To Change your server to SEA, follow the same procedure above but this time select your phone language to any NA language and add it to your device. Delete the previous language used by the device and open your game. Now You can see your NA server back with the saved games. NA language country you can select are English(US).

How To Switch LifeAfter Game Data From Apple To Android Or Vice-Versa

Unfortunately, we cannot switch our game data between different platform. It’s not just LifeAfter game, most of the games we have played doesn’t allow us the share data among different platforms. If you are using an Apple phone, you can only transfer your saved data to other apple products. And if you are using only Android the case is the same for you too. You can transfer saved data to any Android device but cannot play on the Apple device.

It is not the game or developers fault that cross-platform is not allowed. Apple and Android have some policy, Rule, and Regulations which doesn’t allow cross-platform gameplay.

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