LifeAfter: Camp Military Drill Guide & Best Drone And How To Craft One



In LifeAfter latest update the game has got a new game mode called military drill. Military drill will only unlock when your camp reaches Savage period. Drills can only be played at a certain amount of time which can be set as per camp member convenience. Drones in LifeAfter is really useful and there is a total of 4 different kinds. You can use drones to scout and deal with damage to imperial soldiers in military drills.

In this post, we will show you different kinds of drones available in LifeAfter, how to craft and assemble them, best drones and some basic camp military drills guide and tips.

LifeAfter: Camp Military Drills Guide And Tips

You can access military drill through your camp board, you can also set time of drill from there. In the military drill, you will be transported to the Imperium Factory to rescue survivors. You need to rescue a total of 8 survivors, release them and guide them towards the truck.

There will be no fuel in the truck. You need to collect fuel cans and fill in the truck. You will only get 15 minutes to complete the drill. Even if you can’t rescue all the survivors you will get some rewards depending on the number of survivors you rescued. If you rescue all the survivors, you will earn 4k New Dollar, 16500 Combat Mastery Points, 400 Camp Contribution.

There will be a lot of military supplies at the Imperium factory, open them to get land mines and Molotovs. There will be a bombing area(red area) in the factory which will explode in 5 minutes, so you need to rescue the survivors which are in the red area first. The survivors are guarded by many imperial soldiers who can kill you very easily as they are of quite a high level. Different types of imperial soldiers you will encounter at Imperium Factory are flamethrowers, bazooka soldiers and snipers. Although these soldiers except sniper have a very short range, so it’s easy to sneak past them but you have to kill some.

Don’t worry you can kill these imperial soldiers by planting some landmine in the corners and lure them towards it. Do not waste your landmines, lure those soldiers only who are guarding the survivors. You can also use the Molotov if there are 2-3 soldiers at the same place and they will be dead pretty easy.

If there are lots of snipers aiming at you, then you need to avoid them by taking cover. It’s quite difficult to kill all the snipers because they are of level 60 and you will need lots of ammo. Once you release a survivor they will start following you, go back to the truck refill the fuel and the survivor will wait for you to completely fill the fuel tank. After filling up the fuel tank you can either leave by starting the truck if you have rescued all the survivors or go back to rescue more.

Once you finish the camp drill, go back to your camp data center and tap on survivors. You can see the survivors that you have rescued during the camp drills and are stationed in your camp. Survivors increase the prosperity of your camp.

LifeAfter: Drones Guide

Different Type Of Drones

Basic Drone- It just shoots enemies when you are being attacked by them.

Carrier Drone- You can use this drone to carry your resources just like your dog backpack. To store your items in carrier drone, open your hangar and tap on the chest icon near the drone.

Combat Drone-You can use this drone during battling enemies. You just have to release it from the hanger and it will do the shooting. This drone can also be manually controlled and the best thing is that you can shoot rockets.

Medic Drone- You can use this drone to heal yourself. To heal yourself tap on release.

Self-Destruct Drone- This drone deal damage in the area by self-destructing itself.

All of your drones can shoot bullets but the firepower is low unless it’s a high tier drone. You should only use combat drones to fight zombies, wildlings and imperial soldiers.

LifeAfter: Best Drone Combination

You can only unlock drones after upgrading your manor to level 6. Once you upgrade your manor, you will unlock hangar and can keep up to 1 drone. There is a total of 6  slots in the hangar which you need to unlock using the new dollar. You can keep 6 drones the same types of drones also. We recommend you to keep only 1 medic drone as you have other resources to increase your hit points.

The best combination of drones will be 3 carrier drones, 2 combat drone, and 1 medic drone. As we need to collect lots of resources and material to survive in the game.

How To Craft Drone And Resources Required


You can craft drones by using gear workstation. Open gear workstation and tap on module crafting to craft the material required to make the drone. You shouldn’t use basic drone chip while making a drone. You can buy a different chip from market or open the drone pack which cost 6888 new dollar in the shop.

The materials required to craft drones are:

  • Energy Core
  • Engine
  • Drone Chip
  • Framework
  • Navigator

To Craft these materials you need certain resources. Lets get in details on resources required to craft them.

Energy Core

Energy core is the souces of power of your drone. To craft eneryg core you will need:

  • Film Fabric X2
  • Hard Aluminium Alloy X5
  • Plastic X6
  • Grease X12
  • Nail X5


Engine provides power to the drone. To craft engine you will need:

  • Polymer Coating X2
  • Hard Aluminium Alloy X5
  • Plastic X6
  • Rugged Leather X12
  • Nail X5

Basic Drone Chip

There are various drone chip like medical chip, combat chip, pack chip and self destruct chip. Different chip give different skills to your drones.

  • Polymer Coating X2
  • Kyanite X12
  • Hard Alluminium Alloy X5
  • Malachite X12
  • Nail X5


This material determines the armor and attack power of your drone. To craft a framework you will need:

  • Film Fabric X2
  • Nylon Cloth X5
  • Hexagon Nail X6
  • Kenal Leaf x7
  • Glue X5


This materail determines the height your drone can fly and its range. To craft a navigator you will need:

  • Film Fabric X2
  • Nylon Cloth X5
  • Hexagon Nail X6
  • Cracked Tough Hide X25
  • Glue X5

 How To Assemble Drone And Use Them

Once you finish crafting all the materials, tap on them to claim them. Now go to equip drone to assemble it in your gear workstation. After you finished assembling the drone, tap on claim drone. Now go to your bag and select the drone and place it on your hangar. Open your hangar and release the drone to use it.

Total Resources Required
  • Film Fabric X6
  • Polimer coating X4
  • Plastic X12
  • Hard Aluminium Alloy X15
  • Hexagon Nail X12
  • Nylon Cloth X10
  • Grease X12
  • Rudget Leather X12
  • Kyanite X12
  • Cracked Tough Hide X25
  • Malachite X12
  • Kenal Leaf X7
  • Glue X10
  • Nail X10
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4 Comments on “LifeAfter: Camp Military Drill Guide & Best Drone And How To Craft One”

  1. I’d like to point out that the self destruct drone only lose its health after it explodes. You won’t lose the whole drone and it won’t really cost any durability since most of the time it’ll fly for a very short period and will almost never take any damage before self-boom is activated. That makes it last really, really long compared to all other drones.

    Its blast damage and radius is also huge. I have killed the whole group of praying zombies in mouth swamp with just one blast while scarlet’s rocket simply just cant do that.

    It’s the best drone for clearing and/or weakening all sort of mobs.

  2. Combat drone – best for raids because its missile works well on buildings, and more cost-effective on its ammo cost

    Self-destruct drone – best for pve with its explosion and huge damage, and u can reuse it in a short while. get one with high dura for extra long usability. Also, logically i think it might be better to find one WITHOUT the 5% extra health skill (because it costs money to refill it’s health bar after self-destruct) But if HP = Damage, this may lower the explosion damage.

    Heal drone – best for nancy city, Look for one with decontamination + aid. Just remember to recall after you finished the better and its dura will be everlasting. Literally.

    Pack drone – get 3 of those, or if you are rich, get 3 behemoth pack drones.

    1. Tested:
      Self-destruct drone doesn’t work on buildings (in turbulent city)
      Doesn’t lose any dura when self-destructed
      Doesn’t lose dura when set as home security (when not engaged in battle)
      Medical drone loses dura after casting recovery
      Decontamination skill on medical drone does not recover much hp, but does fight infection.

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