LifeAfter: Beginners Guide, Walkthrough To Complete The Tutorial



LifeAfter is one of the best action survival with role-playing element added to it. NetEase released this game last month and has topped the chart is many countries. In this game, you get to explore a lot of huge areas while teaming up with your friends to kill zombies and ensure your survival.

LifeAfter players can build their own house and craft multiple things required for survival in the game.  In this guide, we will help you in completing the tutorial and the beginner’s quests.

Beginners Walkthrough

At the starting of the game, you will have to create a character and customize their looks. You can also select your dog companion out of three options. The game will start in the highway where you will be at the back side of truck shooting zombies. After the truck crashes you will find an NPC names Aleksey. Aleksey will guide you till you complete your tutorial while at the end of it he will be killed by a zombie name Lozarov.

In this quest, you have to find any usable gear nearby. You can find it by visiting the glowing area. Stand on top of it and interact with the life detector. Open it and pick up the tablet. After that, your id will be created and the quest will be completed.

Car Accident

You have to find a backpack in this quest. Go to the next glowing zone to find the backpack, stand on the zone and pick it up. After that, you the game will show you that your health is quite low and you need to use a bandage. Tap on the medical kit icon and use the bandage.

After that you will see a few zombies, Aleksey will come and kill them. After that, you have to talk to him and he will ask you to gather resources for making a machete. You will have to choose two weapons axe to chop trees and pickaxe to get stone/ores. Your third quest will be to collect wood, stone, and hemp to craft machete.

You can change from axe to pickaxe by tapping on the weapon button. Use this method to collect all the items and click on the craft icon on the left bottom corner and craft machete.

After crafting machete Aleksey will ask you to search for a way in the wilderness where you will meet your dog. Talk to your dog and go back to Aleksey where he will help you in climbing the ladder. After reaching top drop down to the ladder.

The Cabin

Once you jump down you meet certain zombies and a big infected zombie Lazarov. The zombie and Lazarov will chase you. You have to run to find a vehicle to leave. After covering some distance you will find some NPC with a helicopter.


At first, they will make you leave suspecting you might be infected. Talk to them into cooperating. You will learn how to build Barricade and Aleksey will give you his gun.

To craft Barricade go to the make option, select all then barricade and craft them. Once the crafting is complete open the bag, select barricade and put them in a circle.

After placing the barricade the zombie will attack. You can kill the zombies and collect certain item they drop. while boarding the ship Lazarov will attack and destroy the helicopter

The Opposite Bank

After the crash of the helicopter, you and Aleksey will try to find a safe place. You can find it by following Aleksey from the river bank. In this tutorial, you will learn how to repair, build walls, doors, use gear workstation, build a balcony and a lot more.

You can find a lot of materials to craft all the necessary things required and after you finish collecting material for your rifle use the gear workstation to craft it.

After that, you will have to fight a bunch of zombies.  Kill those zombies and an airdrop will appear. Visit there and collect the resources. This is the ending of the LifeAfter 2nd part walkthrough.


In this quest, you have to follow Aleksey inside the lab and interact with a scientist. You need to find a message box, place some resources inside it and leave a message. As soon as you finish placing the box, the room will be filled with zombies. Kill all the zombies and find the lab card. At this point, you will get attacked by Lazarov.  Aleksey will ask you to find the lab card, while he will be fighting with Lazarov.

You can find the lab card in the locked cabinet door which you can break by using your gun. After that use the lab card to escape the lab. While escaping Aleksey will get killed by Lazarov.

After escaping the lab, you will find another airdrop supply outside with an AR Rifle. Use the rifle to kill Lazarov.

Build Your Own Manor

After completing the lab quest, you will be taken to Hope 101 where you will meet various NPC and learn about the game. After interacting with various NPC, you have to leave the town using the helicopter.

The helicopter will take you to the development zone where you need to build your own manor. You can find a cabin in that zone and next to it will be a container. Open it and gather the resources.

After gathering the resources you will be asked to contact on the radio. You can find the radio near the cabin. After that, you need to collect a few types of furniture and home sign. Look around the area to find these items. Place all the collected items in your manor and build it.

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