LifeAfter: April Fool Event Chest Pro,Training Badges, Increase Mastery



After the white valentine event, LifeAfter got its new event “April Fool Event”. You can get formula or blueprints, rare items like film fabric, polymer coating and many more.

In this post, we will show you the events new chest, how to get training badges and how to increase mastery level

How To Get Training Badges in LifeAfter

Training badges are used for drawing items in the lucky hunt. You can get them by completing Caravan 101 quests. You can access Caravan quest by tapping on the training option at the top of the screen, go to Caravan tab, select Caravan 101 and you can check the quests

Some of these quests are:

  • Cook 5 different food types in training
  • Join 1 boss battle
  • Clear Miska University 2 times
  • Watch Tv 2 times
  • Log in for 7 days

There are various other quests available, so complete them and earn your training badges.

Lucky Hunt in LifeAfter

During the event time, you can visit the lucky hunt by tapping on the training option and selecting the lucky hunt tab, you can draw items using training badges and the new dollar.

The 1st lucky draw will be free and you will get a not so lucky reward. If you keep drawing the exchange reward bar will increase and you may get special items.

For drawing 10 times you get New Dollar, for 40- New Dollar and Competition Reflex Bow, for 80- New dollar And Type 95 Assault Rifle, for 150 – Carbon Spider Bow and for 300 times you get Assault Howitzer.

Various items available in the lucky hunt are:

  • Carbin Spider Bow Formula
  • Skins
  • Training Badges
  • Assault Howitzer
  • Cloth
  • Competition Reflex Bow
  • Iron Casting
  • Type 95 Assault Rifle
  • R&D Data
  • Formula Shards
  • Polymer Coating
  • Formula Shards
  • New dollar
  • Film Fabric
LifeAfter: Chest Pro

During this event period, you will find lots of chest in different zones of the map. Some may be flying with the help of a balloon, which you have to shoot down. You will also find these chest in water. Opening these chest will grand you resource points

You need 15 resource points to level up your master level. Different level provides different rewards and items.

Master Level For Chest Pro In LifeAfter

As you keep collecting resource points, you can see the progress in the chest pro tab.  Once you collect maximum points for a level, your level will upgrade.

You need to reach level 4 to maximize your reward.

Level 1 Rewards – 600 New Dollars, 10 Training Badges, 5 Formula Shards

Level 2 Rewards – 700 New Dollars, 15 Training Badges, 6 Formula Shards

Level 3 Rewards – 800 New Dollars, 20 Training Badges, 8 Formula Shards

Level 4 Rewards – 1000 New Dollars, 25 Training Badges, 10 Formula Shards

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