League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.4 | Gameplay Adjustments

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League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch Notes 2.4 has deployed tons of gameplay adjustments and changes in the current patch and aims to bring the best of games in the matchmaking. Let’s take a look at details.


  • An early surrender period at 5 minutes requiring all 5 players to vote “yes” has been added
  • Cooldowns for ultimates, summoner spells, and items can now be pinged from the scoreboard
  • Death Recap will now show the source of damage that killed you
  • The time allowance between quadra and pentakills has been increased
  • We’ve updated the display for the minion gold penalty when Smite is equipped
  • Health bars now have an added effect that better displays when an ability consumes your health or heals you


The spawn time of Rift Herald has been reduced to increase it’s impact on early game strategy and choices

  • Initial Spawn Time: 360s→240s



Ignite is being reworked to match the Grievous Wound effect.

  • [NEW] Now applies 60% Grievous Wounds



The passive gold system is being reworked in order to bring balance in early game and late game among the player with lowest gold. This might reduce the snowballing strategy.

  • Gold gained per seconds : 4G to 3G after 8 minutes → 3.5G for the entire match
  • [NEW] Graceful Charity: Starting from 5 minutes, the teammate with the lowest gold amount will receive an additional 1G per second



Bounty Gold distribution is being reworked. Now the player who takes down an opponent will be rewarded more than the assisters . Now ADC can focus solely on their farm and items without the worries about shared gold.

wild rift gold table(Credits: Riot Games)



  • [NEW] Targeting Priority – Closest
    • We’ve re-added this setting with a few tweaks so that it only applies to champions. Choosing this setting will make tapping an ability target the closest champion within range.
  • [NEW] Target Lock Filtering
    • This new setting makes target-lock selection ignore minions and towers. Players no longer have to worry about accidentally switching targets from enemy champions to minions or towers mid-fight.
  • Tap Targeting system Upgrade
    • When tapping an ability during a dash, the ability will now try to search for targets centering from the destination point of the dash as opposed to mid-dash.
  • Tuning Changes
    • We’ve decreased the likelihood that a lifting off of the screen will result in an extra input read and alter the original intent of the player.
  • Ultimates now only target champions when tap-casted. This is intended to reduce misfires where the player misjudges the range and the spell ends up firing towards a random minion.
    • Exceptions: Corki and Xayah. Corki because his ultimate is a low cooldown spell commonly used for farming, and Xayah because the reactive untargetability is a big portion of the spell.




  • Initial AFK punishments for certain modes such as Co-Op vs AI have been made more lenient, since AFK behaviour in these modes are less impactful to teammates. Repeat or frequent AFK punishments will still be treated normally.
  • When a player AFKs, their lost Ranked Fortitude points are distributed to non-premade allies. This amount is being increased from 10 to 20.



  • Accounts that have been permabanned will now display a permaban mark on their profile and friends list name card



  • The Report screen now has a higher character count limit, allowing players to be more detailed in their reports.



  • Ranked borders will no longer be displayed in non-ranked queues.
  • Visual touch feedback has been added for Android phones.
  • Improved the experience for players with weak network conditions.
  • Improved and optimized champion and skin 3D model performance and enabled more graphics settings.
  • Announcement voiceover can now be disabled through the in-game Settings menu.
  • Once a day, you can reroll the offerings in the Poro Store. You can also Pin any items to to prevent them from rerolled.



July 29 – Aug 4: Amumu, Braum, Draven, Kennen, Orianna, Rakan, Singed, Xayah, Xin Zhao, Ziggs

Aug 5 – Aug 11: Corki, Diana, Irelia, Lulu, Rakan, Rammus, Rengar, Teemo, Varus, Zed


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