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wild rift


League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 2.4 has brought about numerous changes/fixes in the current champion lineups in the game. Let’s take a detailed look on the champion changes.

wild rift(Credits: Riot Games)



Skill 3 : Tantrum

  • [BUGFIX] – Passive now works correctly against abilities that deal multiple instances of physical damage instead of one per such ability


Ashe has been on the underperforming end, so few quality-of-life buffs have been made to establish her value as a Utility Marksman.

Skill 3: Hawkshot

  • Enemy reveal duration 3s→5s

Ultimate Skill: Enchanted Crystal Arrow

  • Manual Turn Speed 38°/s→45°/s


Fizz has been on top-tier gameplay with the jungle meta. However, Fizz has been struggling when it comes to lane priority particularly in skilled play. Furthermore, Fizz’s skill has been more relevant on the PC and hasn’t been implemented on the Wild Rift. Hence it was rectified.

Skill 2: Rending Wave

  • [NEW] The initial bonus magic damage is applied from the first attack in a 175 radius splash area around the target. Also applies Seastone Trident to targets hit by the splash

Skill 3: Playful/Trickster

  • [NEW] Protobelt now buffers during Playful instead of canceling it
  • [NEW] Protobelt no longer cancels Trickster’s fall down splash if  Fizz  did not re-cast Trickster


Graves is performing well in the jungle meta and has a decent win rate but most of his talent lies in his early game stats. There have been made various adjustments to some of his stats to give him a boost to his abilities for better gameplay. The devs have given Graves better options by drastically increasing the AD and armor penetration values for his burst spell.

Base Stats:

  • Base HP: 650→610
  • Base AD: 70→64
  • AD/Level: 3.6→4.55

Skill 1: End of the Line

  • Cooldown: 12/11/10/9s→11/10/9/8s
  • Powder Shell Bonus AD Ratio: 40%→70%
  • Powder Explosion Base Damage: 85/125/165/205→80/130/180/230
  • Powder Explosion Bonus AD Ratio: 100%→70/100/130/160% based on rank

Skill 3: Quickdraw

  • Armor per stack of true grit: 4/8/12/16→6/10/14/18


The Grevious Wounds(healing reduction) system have been updated to different levels of severity, so some champions are benefitted through abilities.

  • Applies 50% Grevious WoundsApplies 60% Grevious Wounds


Lucian has been really powerful in the Rift, henceforth a little nerf coming up the way to level the field for enemies.

Base Stats:

  • Base HP: 610→570
  • Base Armor: 40→35
  • Base MR: 34→30
  • MR per level: 1.20.8
  • Base mana regen: 18→15
  • Movement Speed: 340→335


Bugfixes for Rengar giving him a decent powerspike. The devs have said that they are going to keep an eye out if it needs certain adjustments next patch.

Passive: Unseen Predator

  • [BUGFIX] Attacking an enemy in melee range while in brush  with 0 Ferocity now grants 1 Ferocity

Skill 2: Battle Roar

  • [BUGFIX] Casting Battle Roar after empowered battle roar will correctly heal Rengar.


Adding Grevious Wounds(healing reduction) to his 3rd skill to enhance his abilities against enemies.

Skill 3: Hail of Arrows

  • Applies 50% Grievous Wounds → Applies 40% Grievous Wounds


Since Ziggs is strong at demolishing towers, so the damage output is being nerfed.

Skill 2: Satchel Charge

  • Tower execution threshold: 20/25/30/35%15/20/25/30%


All Random All Mid Game Mode is back. Some new features have been added to this new game mode.

  • Cannon minions can now detect traps.

ARAM returns as a featured game mode from August 11 to September 9


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