Idle Theme Park Tycoon Upgrade Guide, Unlock Toys, Tips And Lot More

Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Idle Theme Park Tycoon

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is a simulation game developed by Codigames. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. During childhood, we have all visited the theme park and some of us might just dream about building one. Although building a theme park in real can be very difficult but we can easily build one in Idle Theme Park that has amazing graphics, several rides, and much more.

In this post of Idle Theme Park Tycoon, we will you upgrade guide, which rides to upgrade faster to get better revenue, tips, list of islands available and much more.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Guide

The main objective of this game is to become rich by running the theme park tycoon. As in the beginning, we all start a business from scratch and keep growing day by day. Similarly, we start this game with just two stalls and 1 ride. You need to upgrade your theme park from the money you generate from it. There are various features that need to be unlocked in this game of which we have a guide below for you.

The most important thing to remember while running a business or tycoon is your visitor’s happiness. So make sure not to queue your visitors long enough in line for rides or you will see some angry emoji in your theme park. If you are seeing too many visitors waiting in the queue and some angry emoji, it’s time to upgrade the queue and ride capacity. Your food stalls will keep generating money, so make sure to tap them once in a while to collect money.

Parking and entry ticket queue to the theme park may get crowded if not properly upgraded and you will lose some visitors. So If you see a long line of a crowd waiting to get inside the park and various cars waiting to get parked, you need to upgrade your workers. There is some additional equipment you can upgrade in your parking to generate more money.

Idle Them Park Tycoon Islands

To unlock new rides for your theme park, you need to have a bigger place. More rides will increase visitors and the revenue that comes with it. While expanding business always takes more money, you need to save a lot of money to unlock islands. You can unlock islands by tapping on the map icon at the top of the game screen and upgrade your island. Note: Upgrading island will restart your theme park from the start, but your revenue generated from rides, tickets, parking, etc will increase. There is a total of 5 islands available in this game that are:

Paradise Island- This is your default starting island. The rides that you can install on this island are Shooting Gallery, Ferris wheel, and Roller Coaster.

Wild Island- Increase your revenue by 200%. The rides that you can install on this island is Jungle Ride.

Horror Island- Increase your revenue by 200%. The rides that you can install on this island is Valley Of Terror.

Pirate Island- Increase your revenue by 300%. The rides that you can install on this island is Treasure Island.

Moon Island- Increase your revenue by 300%. The rides that you can install on this island is Space Launch.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon What To Upgrade First

In this game to upgrade your theme park, you need to tap on the rides and select the upgrade you want. While upgrading the rides will generate you more money, but you should also take care of your visitors by increasing the capacity the rides can hold and the queue for the ride. If you have a small queue capacity and had only upgraded the ride to generate more money, it won’t be that much profitable as there will be fewer visitors.

So you should always check the status of your parking, ticket counter, and rides for the queue list. If the queue list always remains full, you need to focus on increasing the queue capacity. You also need to upgrade the ticket counter line and speed. As you will keep installing newer rides, the rating of your theme park will also increase, resulting in more visitors. You can check the rating and status of your theme park, by tapping on the chart icon beside the map icon at the top of the game screen.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Toys List

Toys provide a boost to your theme park in term of upgrading, sales-boosting, increase ride profits and much more. You can get these toys from the vending machine. Gold is a premium currency in-game that can be bought from the store or by completing tasks.  You need 100 gold to use a vending machine and 350 gold for an epic vending machine. You can check the toys that you have unlocked by tapping on the star bottom at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you get the same toy from the vending machine, the level of that toy will increase providing more bonus stats. The list of toys and their buffs are:

Common Toys

Thrifty Duck- Reduce Shooting Gallery Upgrading Cost.

Hunting Dog- Increase Shooting Gallery Profits.

Gangster Dog- Increase Shooting Gallery Ride’s Speed.

Thrifty Bear- Reduces Ferris Wheel Upgrading Cost.

Cartwheeling Bear- Increase Ferris Wheel Profits.

Rolling Panda- Increase Ferris Wheel Ride’s Speed.

Security Guard- Reduce The Cost Of Building And Upgrading Park Entries.

Compulsive Customers- Increases Visitors Movement Speed.

Plus video- Increase The Effect  Of VIP Campaign.

Rush Hour- Increase The Maximum Time For Vip Campaign.

Special Toys

Mr. Burger- Increase Food Stalls Profit.

Mr. Millonetis- Increase The Chances Of Getting Greater Rewards From Investor.

Seats Available- Reduce The Cost Of Upgrading Visitors Capacity.

Miniature Island- Reduce The Cost Of Upgrading New Islands.

Safety Sensor- Increase Parking Access Speed.

Tiny Car- Increase The Chance Of Multiple People Travelling In A Car.

Collector’s Toy

Fun Castle- Increases Islands Gains Multiplier.

Open Gates- Increases Service Time Of Park When You Are Offline.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Tips

Advertise/Market Your Theme Park

Advertising your theme park will give you a boost in visitors. There is a total of 4 types of advertising campaign which are Newspaper, Radio, Television, And Smartphone. Save money and try to get the highest campaign that you can afford to get maximum visitors.

Call Ferry For Extra Customers

At the top left side of the game screen, you can see a boat icon. Tap on that boat icon and watch an Ad. After watching the Ad, a lot of visitors will visit your theme park via ferry. If you don’t have enough gate for entry then try the tip below 🙂

Collect Ticket Instantly

After watching the ferry Ad, you will see a different icon at the same place, you can tap on that icon to watch an Ad and after that entry to your theme park will be instant.

Watch Ad For Double Income

At the bottom of the screen, you can see a video icon. If you tap there and watch an Ad, all of your revenue will increase 2x for 1 hour. Watch 3 Ad per day to receive toys from the vending machine.

Save Gold

Gold is the premium currency that is used in this game, if you don’t feel like buying them, you can collect them by completing tasks. Save gold to use the vending money and receive toys and boost your theme park business.

Receive Money From Investors

In the park, there will be helipad and a helicopter might be there parked sometimes. Those are your investors and if you watch an Ad to please them, you will receive a huge amount of cash reward from them.

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