Idle Space Tycoon: Beginners Guide, Pilot Perks, Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

Idle Space Tycoon

Idle Space Tycoon

Idle Space Tycoon is a simulation game developed by ColdFire Games GmbH. The was recently released on this month and is one of the most addictive simulation game. In Idle Space Tycoon, you have to unlock ship hangars and can add space ships to gather resources. You can sell these resources for idle credit an in-game currency.

In this post, we will talk about the basic guide, pilot perks, tips, and tricks.

Beginners Guide-Idle Space Tycoon

Ship Hangar In Idle Space Tycoon

In this game, the main objective is to unlock various ship hangars and assign space ships to them. Each hangar can hold up to 4 space ships and one pilot. You can also upgrade your ship hangar to increase resource and idle credit income.

You can unlock various parts of the world using in-game credit, unlock various ship hangars and assign pilots. The more hangers you unlock, the more revenue you generate.

You can assign the pilot to a hangar by tapping on the pilot icon at the bottom-right corner of the ship hanger menu. You can only assign up to 4 ships in the hangar, but assigning a pilot will increase the revenue generated depending on his ability. You can check your income stats of each ship, cargo unloads time, pilot stats and total income of the ship hangar in the ship hangers menu.

Pilot And Their Perks In Idle Space Tycoon

Each pilot has one unique perk, but tier 2 pilots come with two perks. Let’s talk about these perks which are:

  • Income Perk- You can increase the idle income of the deployed ship by assigning the pilot with this perk.
  • Idle Credits- You can increase the offline income of the deployed ship by assigning the pilot with this perk.
  • Duration-  You can reduce the time taken by a deployed ship to collect/unlock cargo by assigning the pilot with this perk
  • Extra Loot- You can get extra loots while unloading cargo of the deployed ship by assigning the pilot with this perk.
  • Bonus- You will get an extra high-level income by assigning the pilot with this perk.

You can resign a pilot anytime from the ship hanger and re-assign them. You can find the map at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Open the map and you can see various new areas which you have to unlock and start your business. Ship hangars cost will be very high in those new areas, so make sure you reach max level and unlock all ships in your previous areas.

Idle Space Tycoon Tips And Tricks

Choose Correct Pilot

All the pilots have one perk, but some have two as we mentioned above. You need to assign your character to the hangar wisely. You can assign more than one pilot in upgrade ship hangars. Assign income perk pilot to the highest earning ship or when you go offline select the idle credits perk pilots.

Always Upgrade Your Ship Hangars

As soon as you have enough idle credit, upgrade your ship hangars. Always upgrade the high-level hangars to generate more idle income.

Don’t Forget To Open Special Chest

While playing the game, you might notice a yellow chest floating on your screen. Tap on that chest, watch an ad and you will earn a huge amount of idle credit.

Increase Income by 2x

When you are offline for a certain amount of time and then open the game, it asks you to double your income by watching an ad. We recommend you to watch the ad when you are offline for a long duration and double your idle credit.

Activate Boosters

You can use this feature by tapping on the boost at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to watch an ad to activate booster and increase your revenue. You can watch more ads to keep extending your booster duration.

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