Idle Slayer Beginner’s Guide: Tips Tricks and Strategies

Idle Slayer

This is Idle Slayer Beginner’s Guide for new players. Idle Slayer is a classic idle game where you collect coins , buy upgrades, upgrade equipment, complete tasks and unlock achievements. You can sync up the data with cloud after creating an account. Once you have created sync then you can exit the game and it will generate points and coins idle. You can login later to check the game and current coins. Lets take a detailed look onto the game.

Basic Stuff

idle slayer

The game looks like this. You can tap on the screen to make your character jump. Collect coins and kill monsters. The coin is denoted in the top middle. After upgrading one of your equipment, you will gain some coins per seconds(Cps). Keep upgrading your armory regularly to increase your Cps.


These are some of the upgrades that are available in the beginning. Buy the upgrades when available to increase your coin collection rate. Some upgrade grants other things which are relatable to game elements as you further proceed. So keep grinding

Spawn Boxes

idle slayer idle slayer

You will find certain spawn boxes in the game which will gives bonuses such as extra money, extra Cps, some other enhancements. You can also watch ads to enable extra boxes to spawn.

NPC and Monsters

idle slayer idle slayer

The NPC look like this . In order to attack the airborne enemies, you will have to jump. Your character will auto-attack other enemies. Kill enemies to gain soul and get Ascension which later unlocks in the game.


There are a total of 452 achievements which you can unlock by playing further. You can check about these in the achievements tab.


Idle Slayer Beginner’s Guide

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Game Lin :  Idle Slayer (Android)

Game Link: Idle Slayer (iOS)

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