Idle Golf Guide, Gold Balls, Trophy, Unlock Pros, Tips And Much More

Idle Golf

Idle Golf is a casual tycoon game developed by Hothead Games. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK file from HERE and iOS file from HERE. If you have ever dreamt of running your own golf course and managing it, then this game is perfect for you. In this game, the main objective is to earn as much Cash and unlock new features in the game. You can also open up new golf courses in different maps and manage them.

In this post of Idle Golf, we will show you the game guide, why you need a coach, how to collect trophies, unlock pro golfers, tips and much more.

Idle Golf Guide

Idle Golf lets you manage your golf course, upgrade Tees, hire coaches and pro golfers. You will generate cash in this game once a golfer comes and golf in your course. You can hire coaches for your golfer to teach them and automatically collect cash. At beginning of the game, you will only have one Tees,  we suggest you level up that Tee only till you can afford Tee-2 and coach at the same time which will make your course managing easier.

You need to hire coaches for all the Tees.  Leveling up your Tees will increase their cash generation per second. You can increase 1 level at a time or buy max levels by selecting the buy option at the left bottom corner of the screen. You can get up to 10 free gold balls every day by hitting hotshots. Hotshots are the fireball that appears above the head of the golfers. Once you tap on it they will shoot a hotshot and you will gain more cash or gold balls.

If you unlock a pro golfer that increase your cash generation in Tee 1 but that course is occupied by some other golfer, you can go to pros menu and make that golfer invisible so that they will leave the course and your pro golfer can occupy that Tee. After that, you can again make them visible by going to the pro section. With this method, your pro golfer will generate more cash for you.

Idle Golf Pro Golfers

At the starting of the game, your customers will be newbie’s who will generate less cash, after upgrading your golf course you can unlock pro golfers who will generate more income from each Tee. You can unlock these golfers using gold balls which is a premium currency in the game. You will also get some free gold balls which we will discuss below. The list of pro golfers in this game are:

Newbie Golfers
  • Dave Smith
  • Leo Forte
  • Brad Breaks
  • James Woodland
Pro Golfers
  • Jenny Jenkins – Gets 3x More Cash From Tee-2
  • Brock Bison – Adds 2 More Daily Gold Hotshots.
  • Wanda Wins – Collect Cash On Tee-6  5% Faster.
  • Samson Styles – Collect Cash On Tee-5 5% Faster.
  • Craig Klubb – Get 2.5x more cash from Tee-3.
  • Brenda Banner – Get 2.5x more cash from Tee-4.
  • Katie Kaine – Collect Cash On Tee-7 5% Faster.
  • Dom Dalton – Collect Cash On Tee-3 5% Faster.

Idle Golf Gold Balls

Gold Balls are the premium currency in this game and you need to buy them from the pro store. You can unlock the pro store only when you have collected the trophies once. To collect trophies from the first map, you need to unlock at least 7 Tees. Once you have accumulated enough cash, go to the trophy section at the bottom of the game screen. There always select reset with bonus, you need to watch an Ad but will get bonus trophies.

Gold Balls are also used to unlock pro golfers by visiting the pros section at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes the NPC playing golf in your course will charge up and a fireball will show above his head. If you tap on the fireball, they will shoot an excellent shot and earn you a gold ball. There is not a 100% chance on earning gold ball in fire shot, sometimes you might also get some cash.

Idle Gold Tips

Hire Coaches Asap

The generated from the customers that visit your gold course to play in not automatic, you need to tap on cash above their head to collect it. Coaches make your managing gold course life easier as they will collect the fees from the customers and you just need to focus on your business. You need to hire the coaches for each Tee you will unlock. To hire coaches, go to the coach menu from the bottom of the screen and unlock them using cash.

Upgrade Your Tees

Upgrading Tees will generate more cash by 2x or 3x. You can upgrade your Tees by visiting the upgrade menu at the bottom of the screen and select the Tees that you want to upgrade. Make sure to upgrade first those Tees that have pro golfers unlocked. Example if you unlock Jenny Jenkins, she will generate more cash on Tee 2. So if you upgrade your Tee 2 first, you can get more cash.

Save Gold Balls

As Gold balls are premium currency in this game, you need to spend them wisely and not waste them. We recommend you to buy the 2x key boost or the 50% cash boost from the pro store. These boosts will remain permanent even if you reset the game. You can also unlock some pro golfers to generate more cash from Tees.

Save Property Damage

Sometimes there will be some random guy riding their tractor or boats depend on the map in your golf course. You need to tap on them so that your customers hit them with golf balls, saving your property from getting damaged. Each time you save your property from getting damaged, you will gain some exp and level up. Each time you level up, you gain more cash by destroying their tractors.

Watch Ads To Income Double

If you have hired coaches for all the Tees, you can take rest for some time while your gold course will keep generating cash. Once you re-login to your account, on the main screen you can see your offline income. Watch an Ad to double that income and support the developer. While playing the game, you will also get a notification icon of the TV on the right side of the game screen. You can tap on it and watch an Ad to increase your cash collection by 2x for 4 hours.

Collect Trophies To Unlock New Maps

Trophies can be collected once you have gathered enough cash and unlock almost 90% Tees. Each trophy you collect will boost your cash production. You need to reset to collect trophies. Don’t worry you will have your trophies, keys, and courses and once you start again, you will generate more cash.

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