Idle Coffee Corp Guide, Tips, Cheats, Earn Golden Beans & Epic Barista

Idle Coffee Corp

Idle Coffee Corp

Idle Coffee Corp is a simulation game developed by BoomBit Games. The game is available in both Android and iOS App Store. You can download the APK Android file from HERE and the iOS game file from HERE. In this game, you are the owner of a coffee shop and need to manage your franchise. You need to increase the quality of your coffee and also unlock epic barista who provide a special bonus.

In this post, we will talk about Idle Coffee Corp guide, tips, cheats, how to earn golden beans and unlock epic barista.

Idle Coffee Corp Guide

The main motive of running the coffee shop is to generate more money and spend it on upgrading your shop and make a name yourself worldwide. To generate more cash, you need to upgrade the quality of your coffee by researching them, unlock stations and upgrade them. To unlock your stations, tap on the stands and select the number of the levels you want to upgrade. You can upgrade till 1x, 10x, 50x and max.

You can also unlock different location around the world by unlocking your 6th station. You can travel from one shop to another once you unlock a new shop in a different part of the world. To travel from one shop to another, tap on the map icon at the top left corner of the screen and you can see your coffee shop locations.

There is a total of 8 types of coffee available and 8 stations, so make sure each stand sells one type each. Always make sure to sell the most expensive coffee in your profitable stations. Research your coffee by tapping on the board and increase their quality. You can increase their quality of up to 5 stars.

Different types of coffee available in the game are:

Note- If you tap on the carpet, it will take 1 sec to make the coffee

Instant Coffee- 3 seconds to make 1 cup ideally.

Filter coffee- 4 seconds to makeĀ  1 cup ideally.

Espresso- 6 seconds to make 1 cup ideally.

Cappuccino- 5 seconds to make 1 cup ideally.

Flat White- 7 seconds to make 1 cup ideally.

Macchiato- 4 seconds to make 1 cup ideally.

Latte- 5 seconds to make 1 cup ideally.

Frappe- 7 seconds to make 1 cup ideally.

Idle Coffee Corp Golden Beans And Epic Barista

Golden Beans can be earned by tapping on the golden bean icon and then select prestige. But once you tap on prestige, your coffee shop will start from the beginning but don’t worry about the research you have done to increase the quality of the coffee won’t be degraded.

Once you select prestige, you will earn some golden beans that directly depends on the coffee shop earning. Only select prestige when you have enough golden beans to unlock Epic Barista. Once you have unlocked an epic barista, they will be working on your stations. Even after unlocking epic barista it’s not showing, then you need to unlock a new station.

Every epic barista has their own favorite type of coffee they would love to the server and when you assign that particular type of coffee to that station, the revenue increase 2x or 3x depends on the level of the epic barista.

Idle Coffee Corp Tips

Always Upgrade And Boost Your Manager

There is only one manager for all the stations, who keeps collecting cash from each station and deposit them. Always upgrade your manager as it will increase their capacity to collect cash from stations and boosting them will increase their speed by 300%.

Keep Collecting Cards

Cards give a certain boost to your coffee shop as well as your drinks like 50% more income in New York, +50% price on frappe in New York and much more. You can check them by tapping on the blue card icon at the top of the screen. You can also unlock cards by visiting the boxes tab. There is three option to get cards one by opening free boxes daily, using a gold bar or using money.

Boost Your Sales

Watch a video to increase your revenue by 2x. You can watch the ads 5 times to maximize your boost sale by 20 hours. You also earn cash while not playing the game so make sure while stop playing it, you boost your sales to get maximum cash out of your shop.

Maintain Customer Happiness

At the top right corner of the screen, you can see a meter which has a red, yellow and green color. Try to keep the needle in the green color and if your customers are too happy you will get a bonus 20% cash. Try to have a variety of coffee in your shop.

Increase Your Offline Earnings

Once you open a game after keeping your shop idle for hours, you will get a notification on the game that you have earned this much cash and do you want to double it? If you watch an Ad it will double your offline earnings.

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