I Became A Dog 2 Walkthrough,Guide,Tips All Alternate Endings FAQ

I Became A Dog 2

I Became A Dog 2

I Became A Dog 2 is a role-playing game developed by We like games. I haven’t played the first part but was completely hooked to this game and played for like straight 8 hours to provide you with all alternate endings with a complete walkthrough. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. The game is quite simple, you have to move the dog with the analog stick that will appear once you hold the screen. You can interact with other dogs and object just by tapping on them.

I Became A Dog 2 All In-Game Hints With No Detailed Spoilers

You need to eat dog food to increase your language level so that you can communicate with other dogs and complete the tasks. Your skills won’t be reset once you clear the game with an alternate ending. In this post of I Became A Dog 2, we will show you the complete walkthrough to complete the game with all alternate endings and some tips to help you.

I Became A Dog 2 Walkthrough/ Guide

So I Became a Dog 2 walkthrough will be like a FAQ, where I will guide you to clear all the tasks so that you can reach all the alternate ending. The tasks are sequence wise as per my questions and to get these task, you need to talk with other dogs while increasing your language level. If you have any trouble advancing in the game, do mention in the commend and I will be happy to help.

How to get out of the bedroom/ Tv room?

You can find the switch at the bottom right corner of the bedroom that will open the secret door.

Who is in the cage?

A dog who knows how to turn into a human and you need to keep him alive by providing cockroaches to get your 3rd and 5th ending.

What is the most leg thing in the house?

To clear this task, you need to catch a centipede. You need to fart in the game to attract insects and you can see a centipede moving in the house. It will be quite difficult for you to catch it if you haven’t upgraded the movement skill yet. So before catching it, we suggest you upgrade your dog movement speed.

How to remove the stone from the key?

When Steven goes for eating the food you need to hand over the stone to the boss. You can also paralyze Steven and hand over the item to the boss.

Where to find the bandage?

You need to find the bandage for Jackie who has been hurt by the boss. After removing the stone from the key, you now have access to the bathroom. There you can grab a towel and give it to Jackie.

How to get the thing that doesn’t get smaller?

The item Steven is talking about is the bone. No matter how much dogs eat it, it won’t get smaller. Once you accept this task from Steven, go near the boss and use paralyze. After that, the boss will take a dump and you can inspect it to find batteries. Use the batteries in the remote and watch the TV. There you can see ants hiding the bone under the aquarium.

After that with a few discussion with other dogs, Steven will give you anathor task.

Where to find the item that has no leg?

Steven is talking about the fish, you need to break the aquarium. Once you accept this task, talk with sam and hand him over the dynamite. You will get the dynamite from the red box. You can open the red box by unlocking the skill. Once you hand over the dynamite to sam, he will give you a key to unlock the cage. After unlocking the cage, go to the portrait and press the button. You can see a teleporter in front of the grave. Use the teleporter to get the axe and break the aquarium

Note: After breaking the aquarium you will have the fish, to get the first alternate ending hand over the fish to Steven. If you do not want the first alternate ending you need to cook the fish when Steven is paralyzed or busy eating food and then place the fish in the cage. 

How to get rid of the Boss?

After locking Steven, you need to talk with Jackie and find a plan to get rid of Boss. Interact with the boss to learn that he wants to eat can food. If the boss asks for can food at that moment refuse to give it. After that go near the hole that sam has dugout and go outside. Once you are outside, go near the gate and interact with sam.

Sam will tell you to find the toy, go to the top left side of the front yard to find the button and place it in the outer wall of the bathroom. Once you put the button, press it to lower down the blue chest. After the go inside the bathroom, open up the blue chest. You will find a saw to open up the can and mix sleeping pills with it. Then handover the can to the boss so that he will fall asleep after eating it and you can hang the boss in the clothesline

Note: Once you hang the boss in the clothesline, Jackie will ask you to be the leader. If you want the 2nd alternate ending you can say yes else say no.

How to open the storage room?

Once you have completed all the tasks above, you need to press the buttons in a sequential order to open the secret door to the storage room. The correct sequential order is first press the bedroom button, the button on the outer wall of the bathroom, then the button behind the portrait and finally the aquarium button. Once you open the secret door, talk to the white cat and lead her to the storage room. Do not forget to open the box that is in the storeroom to get the magnet.

After that go talk to Steven where he will ask for a favor to catch a mouse for him.

Where to find the mouse?

You need to handover 1500 cockroaches to Jackie in order to get rotten cheese from him. Once you have the cheese, go outside to the complete right side of the house and you will find the mouse hole. Go near it and the mouse will come automatically to you. Fry the mouse in the oven and hand it over to Steven in return for tongs. Once you get tongs, go to the bathroom, use the tong and magnet near the toilet to get the secret key.

What happens with the secret key?

With this secret key, you can open up the secret door in the storage room where you will find Mary sleeping.

How to wake up Mary?

You need to talk with Sony the older dog who provides you with skill, where he will ask a favor to find 3 things in order to create a potion.

Where to find all 3 items that Sony asks?

You can find the poop on the table.

Red Hair

The red hair in the bedroom by interacting with your human character.

Smiling Flower

This is the hardest task of all in the game, without hint even I couldn’t figure out how to make the flower smile again. You can get a tip from Steven about where to find an LP record.. Go to the left bottom corner of your house outside and bark two times. After barking you will get an LP disc that you need to play. Interact with the disc player in front of the Sony room and change the dark song to a happy song. Once you change the song, the flower will be smiling again and you can collect it to give all the ingredients to Sony in exchange for the potion.

After collecting all the items, go interact with Sony to get the potion.

Note: If you want alternate ending 3 and 4, use the potion on Mary else you can use the potion on yourself in the bedroom to get the 5th alternate ending.

To get alternate ending 3, wake up Mary and when she asks you about how to turn human again say yes.

To get alternate ending 4, say no and after that, you can control the white cat. Go talk to Sony and then visit bedroom to mess up the guy hair. Then go talk to the main dog character where he will offer you his bag in exchange of being his girlfriend. After collecting the bag, release Steven from the cage and go to the storage room. There you can see both the dogs are fighting, close the secret door to get the alternate ending 4

How to get alternate ending 5?

To get alternate ending 5, Before getting the potion, go to the storage room near mary, interact with her. After that, you will know how to turn back to human again. Then take the potion from Sony and use it on yourself. After that, you can now able to control the human. Release Steven from the cage, the boss from the clothesline, Investigate the hole that sam dug and then check out the grave, there you will meet a ghost who will vanish. Then come back to your bedroom and check out the carpet. Use the teleporter to go to the basement, find the button and a bag to carry Mary and then go to the storage and interact with Mary.

I Became A Dog 2 Alternate Ending

There is a total of 6 different endings and the 6th one will unlock after you complete watching all 5 endings. The plot twists and the creativity of the game story got us so hooked up that I can proudly say that this is one of my favorite game. I am eagerly waiting for the third part and if you complete the game with all the alternate ending, I believe you will love this game. The incident through which these endings occur are:

1st Ending

Handing over the fish to Steven or if he takes your fish while cooking.

How to prevent this ending?

Answer – You need to paralyze Steven before cooking the fish in the stove or you can cook while he is busy eating food.

2nd Ending

When Jackie asks you to be the leader of dogs say yes.

How to prevent this ending?

Answer – Say No.

3rd Ending

When Mary wakes up and asks if you know how to turn back to human again, you say yes.

How to prevent this ending?

Answer – Say No.

4th Ending

After saying no to Mary, you have to complete a few tasks controlling the white cat, Mary. These tasks include talking to sony and inspect the human in the bedroom. After that, you have to mess the human hair and interact with the dog to get his backpack. Once, you get the backpack as the white cat, then unlock Stevens from the cage, after that both the main dog and Steven start fighting in the storage room. You need to lock down Steven and the guy in the storage room by interacting with the lock present in the middle of the storage room.

How to prevent this ending?

Answer – Use the potion on yourself without waking Mary.

5th Ending

After using the potion for yourself, release Steven from the cage, the boss from the clothesline, check the dugout, the hole through which you used to go out of the house when you were a dog and then check out the grave. Then come back to your bedroom and check out the carpet. Use the teleporter to go to the basement, find the button and a bag to carry Mary and then go to the storage and interact with Mary.

How to prevent this ending?

Answer – If you use the potion to wake up your human character, there is no going back and you have to complete the 5th ending.

6th Ending

After watching all the ending, sam ending will be shown where a stranger approaches towards sam. During the gameplay, sam tells you that he wants to leave the house and don’t want to stay with the demon. We believe Sam must have been talking about the man shown in the 6th ending as the demon. The demon might be classified as the owner himself because of all the incidents happened with Mary, Sam was always watching.

Note: If you have any further question or you think we have missed some important points, do share it in the comments.

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    1. You get the 2nd task from Steven to find the bone. After accepting the task, go near the boss and use paralyze. He will poop and you have to inspect that to get the batteries.

  1. I cant give the potion to myself to get the fifth ending? I keep saying “i still don’t know how to become human again, even if i feed my human body the potion its meaningless” help!

    1. Ok sorry I kind of missed it. Before getting the potion, go to the storage room near mary, interact with her. After that, you will know how to turn back to human again. Then take the potion from Sony and use it on yourself.

  2. After I woke up the male human, the secret door between the living room and the rest of the house closed. I can’t get to the bedroom to check the carpet because I can’t get into the living room. Is this a bug? Help!

    1. Have you tried to visit the tomb in the garden? Just where you found the shovel to give Sam, there you will encounter your male human grandfather ghost, then you can visit your bedroom.

      1. I had already done that, but I was unable to access the bedroom because the secret door in the living room that is opened by pushing the bedroom button had mysteriously closed. But I figured it out. Just needed to install the 7/21 update, apparently there was a bug.

        Thank you!

    1. Once you teleport to the basement, go top till you find the wall, then go right. Keep going right and you will find a way in the down, do not go down, you should keep going right till you find a wall. Once you find the wall, keep going bottom, then go left and after a few seconds, you will find a way top and then again left. There you will find the suitcase.

    1. You need to talk to the old dog Sony after that collect bugs to upgrade your movement speed and other abilities. If you unlock the fart ability first, it will be easier to catch the bugs.

  3. It says that I need a key for the big bag to hide Mary but I can’t find the key. Where is the key?

  4. Did all endings … Who do you think that actually IS “the demon”? And why Sam is so afraid when he is in OUR house o.o?

    1. It might be the owner himself, because Sam is always watching him and when he threw the brick on Mary, Sam was terrified.

  5. I’m trying to complete the 4th ending, I said “no” to Mary but I don’t have control of the white dog and nothing else is happening. Please help?

    1. Is Mary trying to go out of the storage room and the white dog is blocking, you need to paralyze the white dog to let Mary pass and then only you will get control.

  6. Hello, i wake up my body and i find the bag but when i interact with mary, it says that i have to fill up the dog food before i left or dogs gonna die,
    Thank u !

    1. You need to find a button in the maze that will help you unlock hidden dog food in the living room. The button will be on the left side of the basement in the darkness. After you push it, find the key for the bag from the hole that Sam dug up. After that only you could interact with Mary.
      Welcome 🙂

    1. You can find the button at the left side of the basement, try searching all the places at the left side bottom area. Right now I don’t exactly remember. Will give you an exact path tomorrow 🙂

  7. How do you find the hidden bag of dog food in the basement I’ve been looking for ages and can’t find it

  8. After i have said no to mary, you said that i would control her to do tasks. But it doesnt work! Help

    1. You need to talk to the White Dog mary and she will ask your help to find open the storage room after that you can talk to Sam.

  9. Hello, when I talk to Steven he say ” I don’t talk to stupid dog like u ” I can’t do something else need help ^^

    1. I don’t remember exactly what do to do, but try to talk to all other dogs you will find a clue. First try to talk to Jacky, he will give you the idea of that Steven likes fish, then talk to Steven.

  10. I fully leveled up on the gold bug percentage and I can’t seem to get the centipede anymore pls help If you can I really don’t want to have to restart my game

  11. 2 theories on the 6th ending:
    1. Maybe the idea behind the 6th/Secret/Bonus ending is that the very-short gameplay is actually symbolic to something else in the game. As we all know at this point, Sam is likely calling the owner the demon because he [Sam] saw the owner knocking out Mary and dragging her to the storage room and all that. So maybe, that creepy scene is like Sam’s nightmare or something of the owner, and having that nightmare is why when the game starts, he’s already desperately trying to leave the house.
    2. Also, maybe IBAD 3 will actually connect to this game, and it’ll talk about Sam’s story or something

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