I Became A Dog 2 All In Game Hints Without Spoiler To Enjoy The Game

I Became A Dog 2

I Became A Dog 2

I Became A Dog 2 is a role-playing game developed by We like games. I haven’t played the first part but was completely hooked to this game and played for like straight 8 hours to provide you with all alternate endings with a complete walkthrough. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE.

I Became A Dog 2 Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ With All Alternate Endings (Contains Spoilers).

If you have already completed this game once and want to find all the alternate endings, you can check out our previous post. It might contain some spoilers with a detailed FAQ on every task of this game. In this post of I Became A Dog 2, we will only provide you the in-game hints that you can unlock by watching a video, but it wasn’t working for a lot of users. So below you can find all the hints that are provided in-game for you to complete it easily.

I Became A Dog 2 Hints

First secret door

Push-button in the bottom right side of the bedroom that is hiding from the wall.

Dog hiding inside of dog house

-As long as he survives, you can see 3rd and 5th ending.

-When you reach more than dog language level 6, it is going to start reducing the lifetime.

-As many as bugs you give, the dog would extend the life.

The most legs things
  1. Recieve a question from Steven.
  2. Increasing speed level over level 2.
  3. Catch centipede in the living room.
Removing stone from key
  1. Get it from Sam.
  2. Steven should be either eating or paralyzed.
  3. You can use the key when you give it to Boss.
  1. Get a restroom key you can use
  2. Get a tower on top left side of restroom.
TV remote control battery
  1. Get second question from Steven
  2. Use poison fart to Boss and investigate the poops.
Things does not get smaller
  1. Need a Tv remote control with battery.
  2. See recorded video from security camera through the TV.
  3. Investigate the fish tank.
RockĀ  explosion
  1. Received 3rd question from Steven.
  2. After you learn firepower skill, open a red box behind Sony.
  3. Delivering dynamite to Sam.
The least legs thing
  1. Investigate the old man portrait and push button on the back after exploding rock.
  2. Get a axe from teleporter.
Steven and fish

If you either start talking to Steven or grilling the fish when Steven watches next to Boss, Steven takes your fish.

Locking Steven
  1. Steven needs to be either paralyzing or eating.
  2. Grill the fish on oven,
  3. Put grilled fish to doghouse.
Sleeping aid

You have to have sleeping aid to talk to Jackie about next mission after locking Steven out.

Barking sound
  1. Listening from Boss that he wants to eat canned food.
  2. Listening to dogs are barking through holes.
  3. Talking to Sam who is in front of front yard door.
Sam’s toy
  1. Listening to Sam about information of Toy.
  2. Find evidences that is top left side in front yard.
Opening canned food
  1. Get Sam’s toy.
  2. Place button on bottom side of outer restroom wall and push it.
  3. After you learn water power skill, open blue box.
Entering storage

Please push the button in order. Bedroom button -> Sam’s toy -> portrait button -> fish tank button.

Getting a mouse
  1. Reveived a favor from Steven to catch mouse.
  2. Boss needs to be tied up in clothesline.
  3. Get rotten cheese from Jackie
  4. Going close to mouse hole in right upside of front yard.
Secret place
  1. Get tongs after giving mouse to Steven.
  2. After you learn earth power skill, open the yellow box in storage.
  3. Investigate toilet in restroom.
  4. Investigate hole in middle of storage.
Healing potion
  1. Investigate woman after opening the secret place.
  2. Taling to Sony
  3. Need dog’s poop, red hair from human and smiling flower.
LP record

-You can get a hint from Steven after receiving a favor from Sony about potion ingredients.

-Barking twice in a row in the very left side corner in the front yard.

Smiling flower
  1. Received a favor from Sony to find potion ingredients.
  2. Get a music LP and turn on light music with turntable.
  3. Get a flower in backyard.
Awake Mary

After Mary’s body awake to use healing potion, make Mary paralyzed from poison fart.

Suspicion of Mary
  1. After being able to control the Mary, go out to moment of accident.
  2. Talking to Sony and investigate a human on the bed.
Revenge of Mary
  1. Let Steven go from dog house after get a bag as a present.
  2. Go to storage and close secret place.
  1. After become a human let Steven and Boss go.
  2. Investigate grave in back yard.
Get into basement
  1. Look at the ghost in the grave.
  2. Investigate carpet in the bedroom
  3. Going into the basement to use teleporter.
Hidden dog foods
  1. Get into basement.
  2. Find button in maze.
Big bag and key
  1. Get into the basement
  2. Find a big bag in maze.
  3. Investigate the hole Sam digged.
Another ending

When you see all 5 different ending, the new event will start.

Ending 1 requirement

-Giving fish to Steven

-Steven takes your fish.

Ending 2 requirement

When Jackie asked to be a leader, select ‘yes’ after tied Boss on clothesline.

Ending 3 requirement

-The dog which locked into the dog house needs to survive.

-Use potion to woman.

-After woman wakes up, if Mary asks a way to be a human select ‘yes’.

Ending 4 requirement

-Use potion to woman.

-After woman wakes up, if Mary asks a way to be a human select ‘no’.

Ending 5 requirement

-The dog which locked into the dog house needs to survive.

-Use potion to men.

-After find dog foods, big bag, keys for bag, start investigating women.

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