Horrorfield- The New Android Horror Survival Game



Horrorfield is a multiplayer action, survival and horror game developed for Android which is available in play store. The game offers you various abilities to escape from the psycho who hunts the survivors. There are 4 survivors in a huge map where a psycho has the ability to hit and down the survivors. Downed survivors are locked into the cage.

The goal of a psycho is to kill all 4 survivors before they power up the generator and escape from the map. Similarly, the goal of each survivor is to escape from the map and psycho’s clutch by completing the generators as fast as they can. Survivors can craft certain items in the Workshop if they have a certain level and ability to do it.

From the killer perspective, if a survivor is nearby and running, he can see the foot trails when he is near. If the survivor is hurt and bleeding, a killer can notice a blood trail from far away.

From the survivors perspective, if a killer is nearby to you. Your heart will beat at a faster rate and you can even hear that noise. The louder the heart beats, the closer is the killer. You will need to repair as many generators possible to a total of 5 Generators. If a survivor is hurt or wounded from the attack of the Psycho, they can heal each other. One cannot heal himself/herself until they have a med-kit or ability to self-heal.

Overall we would say that this is a nice change of game in Android. This offers a similar experience of horror gameplay like The Identity V on Android devices. The camera angle and graphics is quite different than Identity V but you fellas would surely love it.

For more guides on Horrorfield you can check out the link below:

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