Heroic-Magic Duel Guide, Increase Portal HP, Battle Tips & Much More

Heroic Magic Duel

Heroic Magic Duel

Heroic-Magic Duel is a strategy game developed by Nordeus. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK HERE and iOS file HERE. This game is about choosing the best hero according to your minions and make an undefeatable deck. You need to try out various combinations and practice them to create a deck, unlock new heroes, cards, spells and much more.

In this post of Heroic-Magic Duel, we will show you the game guide, how to change your deck, PvP battle tips, basic game tips and much more.

Note: This is a beginner guide with no details about guild, arena and raid bosses. We will post about these on our advance guide later on.

Heroic-Magic Duel Referrals

In this game, by using your friend’s referral code you can get Ferrum. To check your referral code tap on the hand icon at the top of the game screen. To use someone’s referral code, tap on the profile icon at the top left corner of the game screen and at the top right corner of the screen, you can see the setting menu. In the setting menu, you can see the referral button, there you can put the referral code. Each referral code will give you 400 Ferrum and this feature is only active for 7 days. You can open chest right away without wasting time or gems using Ferrum. You can also buy cards from the shop using Ferrum.

Note: If you are reading this we are hoping you can use our referral code “2rrvthppfd”. You can use our referral code and give your referral code to your friends. Each new player your friends invite, you will gain 200 Ferrum and your friend will get 400 Ferrum.

Heroic-Magic Duel Guide

The main objective of this game is to defeat your enemy portal and make an undefeatable deck by unlocking new heroes, minions, and spells. You can also upgrade them and increase their current stats by using coins and runes. You can only have 5 cards in your hand. Hold any card and release them on any of the three-lane to damage enemy portal.

To change your deck, tap on the fight button in the main home game screen. The minions that are shown below are your unlocked cards. The minion that shows beside your hero is your deck. You can drag a card from bottom and replace them with your deck to change them. You can also chance your heroes and spells by tapping on them before the fight.

Spells play a huge role in combat with the enemy, so make sure you read once how they work and use them at the perfect time to make a comeback in the battle. Try not to release all your minions at the same place or your opponent will release their spell and destroy all your minions in a second.

Always release tank minions at the front and damage dealer minion behind them to deal maximum damage. If your opponent has a heavy single unit damage minion, you can put undead horde to waste that heavy unit time and come up with a plan to kill him. You need to make this kind of strategy and learn from the games in which you get defeated.

Note: At the beginning, you can only keep up to 6 cards in your deck, but if you collect enough minions, later you can keep up to 12 cards in your deck including duplicates.

Heroic-Magic Duel PvP KeyPoints

The PvP mode will unlock once you complete 5 tutorial game. By completing the tutorial and reading the above guide, you can have a basic idea of how to play this game. There will be some extra key points that I will mention which you might now know of at the beginning of the game.

  1. You mana pool capacity will increase when you get a new card from the deck. You can check the clock timer beside your deck where new cards spawn. If your hand is full of 5 cards, the new card will be destroyed.
  2. Always keep low mana card character in your deck to survive the early battle.
  3. We noticed in early stages of the game Primal Spirit deal heavy first attack damage. For example, the normal base attack of Primal Spirit is 380 but when you play that card, the first attack will deal a heavy blow of 980 damage to all the enemies that are standing near to each other in that lane. By putting a tank in front of the Primal Spirit will be a huge benefit. The best part is that Primal Spirit deals range damage, so before a tank or any other player could near him, the first heavy blow will instantly kill them.
  4. Each win will take to you towards a step closer to Victory chest, so even if you have all your slots full, try to win few more game to unlock the Victory chest to get better items. You can open up to 3 victory chest every day.
  5. In this game, you use two types of units which are Heroes and Minions. You can use two spells of heroes without any mana. We have written the spells of heroes below, you can go through them once and use them during clutch moments of the game.
  6. You can place your cards on the field till the middle of each lane only if your other units are already in the field and have reached the middle of a lane. If you have no units on the battlefield, you can only place your character at the start of the portal.

Heroic-Magic Duel How To Increase Portal HP

At the beginning of the game, your portal will have 15480 HP. You can increase your portal HP by leveling up your profile. To level up your profile you need to Exp. Exp can be gained in this by upgrade minions, spell, heroes and by donating cards too in your guild. At the top left corner of the main home game screen you can check your profile level and Exp you require to level up.

Heroic-Magic Duel Runes, Coin, Gems

Coins are used to level up your units cards. But in this game, to level up your cards, you need to power up them first. You can power up your cards using runes. There are three different classifications of card that requires three different types of ruins to power them up. The classification of cards is Arcane, Realm, and Void. The three different types of runes are Arcane Rune, Realm Rune, and Void Rune. You get these runes by opening chests.

There are also mega runes and spell runes in the game and the drop rate is not that high of other runes.  The mega runes are used for upgrading epic and legendary minions. Spell runes are used to unlock and level up all spells of heroes in the game. Gems are premium currency in this game that can be bought by using real money. Gems can be used to buy coins, chests or cards from the store. To visit store tap on the chest icon at the left side of the game screen.

Note: You can also level up your heroes by collection hero shards and hero essence. By increasing your hero level, the spells will also be upgraded. At a certain level, some spells will evolve and add bonus trait to existing skill. You will get hero shards and hero essence by opening a chest. A high-level chest will have a chance of having more number of these shards and essence.

Heroic-Magic Duel Heroes & Spell List

During the battle, you are allowed to use two spells without any mana. These spells have a certain cooldown period and can be used again once the cooldown is over. These spells are a key part of the battle and using them at the proper time will help you a lot in winning the battle. There is a total of 5 heroes in the game currently and each hero has 5 different spells that you need to unlock by opening chests. Heroes can be unlocked by increasing your trophy. The list of heroes and their spells are:


Meteor Strike – Deals heavy damage to enemies in a target area.

Fury – Increase attack bonus of allies in a lane.

Scorched Heat – Deals damage to enemies in a lane.

Fire Blast – Burn the enemies that are close to your portal.

Prey On – Destroy an enemy unit instantly only if they have taken some damage.


Sacred Mallet – Drops down the mallet in a target area, deals damage to enemies and stuns them.

Phalanx – Pushes enemy minions away from your portal and stuns them.

Hammer of the Gods – A hammer flies through all the enemies in the lane dealing damage to them.

Holy Shield – Applies a shield on all allies unit that blocks damage until it breaks.

Divine Protection – Reduce damage done to your portal in one lane.


Healing Wave – Heal all minions in a single lane.

Chain Lightning – Deals lighting damage to 3 random enemies in a lane.

Rhii’s Power – Your next summoned minion cost less mana but there is a minion level cap. As you upgrade this skill, the minion level cap will increase.

Vortex – Pull all enemies unit to a target location

Earthquake – Three tremors deal damage to all enemies in a lane.


Chilling Wind –  Creates a freezing wind that stuns enemies who come in contact with it.

Ice Spears – Fires 3 projectiles in a lane and deals damage to the first unit it hits.

Ice Rift – Ice wall erupts from the ground damaging enemies and pushing them back.

Frozen Heart – All your minions in a target area leave behind immobile obstacles when they die.

Ice Sheath – Encases all of your minions in an icy cocoon taking no damage for a duration of time.


Statue – Put up a statue that can withhold great damage and block enemies of a lane.

Giant Growth – Increase attack damage and health of allies in an area.

Soaring Eagle – Eagle flies from above exploding on contact with enemies and deal heavy damage.

Rhino Charge – Rhino charges through a lane and stuns enemies.

Spirit Call – After using this spell the next minion that you use will create a sprit copy of itself in anathor lane. The spirit copy will have reduced health and damage.

Heroic-Magic Duel Arena & Minions

There is a total of 7 arena’s in this game and you can climb up these arena’s by collecting the trophy. You will earn some trophy if you win a battle in PvP mode. In each arena there will some specific minions you can unlock. You can also unlock minions of the previous arena as well but the chances are a little less. Below we are posting a list of arena’s, minions you can unlock and trophy required to unlock heroes.

Tutorial Arena – Trophy Required 0  – Cards you can unlock are Fire Imp, Swordsman, Undead Horde, Archers, Brute, Reaper, Alchemist, Charger, Treant, and Primal Spirit.

Arena 1 (Sacred Forest) – Trophy Required 1+ – Cards you can unlock from chests are Shield Bearer, Water Elemental, Goblin Marksman, Valkyrie, Wisp Mother, and Stone Elemental.

Hero Valen – Trophy Required 110.

Guild Feature – Trophy Required 450.

Arena 2 (Mithril Forge) – Trophy Required 500+ – Cards you can unlock from chests are Rolling Rocks, Undead Army, Commander, Executioner, Juggernaut, and Shadow Huntress.

League Feature – Trophy 600.

Hero Terrin Rhii – Trophy Required 900.

Arena 3 (Sky Palace) – Trophy Required 1000+ – Cards you can unlock from chests are Ravenous Scourage, Viper, Devourer, Fearless Leader, Rune Cannon, and Hellfiend.

Hero Noella – Trophy Required 1400.

Arena 4 (Necropolis) – Trophy Required 1500+ – Cards you can unlock from chests are Undead Raid, Mountain Gaint, Amazon, Phase Assassin, and Punisher.

Arena 5 (Temple Of The Ancients) – Trophy Required 2000+ – Cards you can unlock from chests are Forest Imp, Silver Ranger, Magic Construct, Nature Guardian, and Immortal Knight.

Hero Alay’na Trophy Required 2400.

Arena 6 (Autumn Woods) – Trophy Required 2500+ – Cards you can unlock from chests are Elite Warriors, Reflector, Doppelganger, Anubis, Mana Wraith, and Trinity.

Arena 7 (Citadel Of Knowledge) – Trophy Required 3000+ – Cards you can unlock from chests are Elite Archers, Pixie, Abomination, Undead Warlord, Fire Witch, and Bloodstalker.

Note: After these arenas you will drift in an abyss and find tower legends that consist of 2 weeks season, depending on your position you will get your reward.

Heroic-Magic Duel Tips

Upgrade Minions And Spells

You should always check if you have collected enough cards for a minion or spell to power them up and level up them. You can check if you have collected enough cards or not by tapping on the book with three cards icon at the left side of the game screen. There tap on any speed and check at the top right corner of the pop-up menu for the number of cards you have for the speel. Similarly, go to minions page and select any minion. At the top right corner of the pop-up menu, you can check the number of cards you have. Upgrading minions and spells will buff their stats and gives you an upper hand against your enemy in battle.

Collect Free Chest

You can collect free chest once in a while from the main home game screen at the top left corner. You can get common minion cards, coins, runes, and other items. Although you don’t get enough but still its better to get something rather nothing. You can open up these chests once in a few hours.

Unlock Victory Chest

You can unlock victory chest 3 times daily. To unlock a victory chest you would require a certain number of win. Each win will add a mark and once it is full, tap on it to open. You get better rewards from this chest. So even if your chest slots are full, play PvP matches to unlock this chest.

Don’t Forget The Referrals

This referral feature will work for only the first 7 days of account creation, so make sure to invite your friends and give them your referral code to collect Ferrum.

Battle With Your Friends

You can add your friends and challenge them a duel with you. Check out whose deck is stronger. To add a friend you can send them your referral code. You can check if they are you friend by tapping on the 3 helm icon at the left side of the game screen. Tap on the battle button to invite your friend for a duel. This way you can also practice your new decks and won’t lose trophies.

Practice Out New Minions

If your friends are offline and you got a new minion but afraid to lose trophies, you can play matches with computers too and practice your new minion. To play a match with the computer, tap on the 3 cards book icon at the right side of the game screen and then tap on practice at the top of the screen.

Don’t Waste Coins

Coins are used to upgrade spells and minions. Level up only those minions whom you need in your deck for PvP battle. There is a rotation of minions cards in the shop where you can buy them using coins. So save up coins to get epic cards and upgrade them quickly to win the battle easily.

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