Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trick To Complete Trace Of Different Countries

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

In Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Countries Visited- Complete a trace in different countries is an achievement that you need to complete by traveling to different countries. But economically it is not possible for every player to travel to different countries just for the sake of this achievement. We got to know about a little trick with which you can complete this achievement without leaving your house. This trick is already under Ninantic radar and could be fixed at any moment. We have tried this trick today only, just before writing this guide and is working for now. So make sure to complete this achievement before the bug gets fixed.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trick To Complete The Traces Of Different Countries Achievement

You can find this achievement by tapping the calendar icon at the bottom right corner of the game screen. There go to the achievement menu and you will find the achievement. To complete this achievement all you have to do is change the language setting of your phone and to collect 1 foundable. After changing the language in the phone setting, we saw that the achievement hasn’t been completed. We thought according to the achievement brief description “Complete A Trace” we have to collect one foundable as they are the traces of magic. So after collecting one foundable automatically, this achievement gets completed. You can try this out with different phone language and don’t forget to find one foundable each time you change your language.

How To Change Language Setting In Phone


Well for various devices, the methods will be different. But we will help you up to some extent by showing screenshots of our phone and guiding you on how to change language and complete the above achievement. We use a Google Xiaomi phone Android One phone and you can just go to the setting, search on the search bar “language” and change your language preferences. Make sure you only have one language preference. With multiple preferences, the achievement might not get unlocked. So those who can complete this achievement with the trick above, do share a comment below and if you know some other tricks, you can share in the comment with us 🙂

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3 Comments on “Harry Potter Wizards Unite Trick To Complete Trace Of Different Countries”

  1. I actually travelled from UK to Germany and collected traces and didn’t get the 2 countries achievement. Only after switching the languages it worked, which is a little ridiculous as who would ever switch the language of their phone just because they’re travelling? 😅😅

  2. You can select a language multiple times and choose a different country each time in order to get all 10 for the achievement. Also, some countries and/or languages are not supported by the game, so check after each successful “foreign” trace to see if it counted toward the achievement.

    The main thing is, remember how to navigate to the language section of you phone so you don’t get stuck using a language you don’t know.

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