Harry Potter Wizards Unite Collect,Farm Water & Restricted Section Books

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is an adventure game developed by Niantic, Inc. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. The gameplay might be similar to Pokemon GO, but this game has a lot more features and in this post, we will tell you how to collect restricted registry books to upgrade skills and where to find water to grow your plants.

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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Where To Find Restricted Section Books

Restricted registry books are used to upgrade the skills of the profession that you have chosen. A profession is available to choose once you reach level 6. You can upgrade your level by collecting foundable. Till now we have known only one way to get these restricted section books. You can get these books by completing tasks in the Brilliant events.

These events occur once in a while and you need to fill out the Brilliant Event Registry. Restricted section books are very rare to find and the drop rate is quite low too. Professor Profession requires a high amount of these restricted section books to upgrade your skills. So for those who are new to this game, you will have trouble upgrading your skills tree if you have chosen this profession.

Niantic says that “Restricted Section Books are Vault items you receive primarily from Events. Along with Scrolls and Spell Books, they can be used for Lessons to increase and add to your Expertise.”

If you are in the Professor Profession, you should participate in all the events and try to collect these restricted books as much as possible to upgrade your skill tree. Niantic might release a balance update in the near future so that we don’t require such rare items at early stages of the game. The developers might add such event more to the game in the future, till that time collect as many foundable you can.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite How To Farm Water

Water is used to grow plants in your greenhouse and use them as ingredients. This resource is quite rare to find and many players are wondering where to get it. This resource will spawn in random areas as you progress in the game, but according to many Reddit users, water can mostly be found in damp areas, or in rainy areas. So if there was a rainstorm recently, you should go out and collect this resource as much as you can.

We cannot surely tell you the above method is accurate and people in hot and humid areas won’t get this resource as much, but we can still give it a try hoping to get more. You can use this resource in your greenhouse and water the seed, grow them and once they are grown, reap them to get rewards. If you want a more detailed guide on this game, drop down your query in the comment 🙂

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