GUNS OF BOOM: How To Get Reaper Shotgun Level 5



Guns of Boom is one the best FPS game available in the mobile, released in the year 2017 by the company Game Insight. With a total of  10 million player base all over the world, the game gets bigger day by day. The game has also set foot in E-sports with a major prize pool in 2017 at European Gaming League and in 2018 at Intel Esports Arena. Game Insight has also started Guns Of Boom Season 2 at Intel Esports Arena Katowice, Poland this March 1st.

About Halloween Event

Every year Guns Of Boom gets an update during the Halloween week with a lot of cool guns and cosmetics. You can earn these costumes and special gun by playing the map “King Of The Hill” where 4 players will compete with other 4 players for 3 points A, B, C. The team that capture the points for most time wins and gets awarded with Halloween coins.

From these coins, you can do the lucky spins which might be not so lucky for many guys. From the lucky spin, you might get some special gun or cosmetics. Most of the time for guns and cosmetics you have to collect certain fragments to obtain them.


Reaper Shotgun

Last year on 2018, Game Insight released a Halloween update with an event helmet and gun called “Reaper”. You can get this gun by collecting 1000 fragments from the lucky spin. The amount of Halloween coin require to spin for the first time is 20 and keeps on increasing till you get the ultra rare 300 fragments.

There are total 16 slots with items including the ultra rare and each time you spin one item gets crossed out, so you are guaranteed to get the ultra rare 300 fragments within 16 spins. But its not that easy and require a lot of Halloween coins. The gun is currently not available as it was an event specific gun. We hope Game Insight add an update to the game with the gun as there is a lot of hype about its special ability Harvesting. After you kill a player with this gun, they will drop a cell which will regenerate your armor 50% and increase your movement 25%


How To Get Reaper Shotgun Level 5

Some people I know had spent around 30k Halloween token to max out Reaper and some even failed in 40K.  Currently, the option to max Reaper is not available. We need to wait to see if Guns Of Booms comes with any update on Reaper this Halloween.



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