Green The Planet Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategy

Green The Planet is a strategy game by Kikaku Damashii Inc. In this game, you have to flourish the barren land with greenery. In order to do that you to upgrade various technologies and collect the elements in order to “GREENIFY” the planet. The visuals are really good and simple. It feels like an 8-bit game. The soundtrack is also ethereal and it feels good to listen and play the game. Your objective in this game is to collect elements to feed it in to the Greening Machine which in order grows trees and plants into the planet. You are a sentient lifeform going around in you spaceship trying to make the universe a greener place. There are other technological elements which we will look further in the game.

How to Play

In this game you are on a planet, and your objective is to make the planet greener. Firstly, you have setup a weapon and destroy the asteroid in order to collect elements for greenification. Secondly you need to collect all the elements and generate E. When you have enough E, you can click on the UFO and goto greening in order to increase greening rate. To collect E, you can tap on the ground to gather it all. There are several other elements in the game from which you can accelerate the amount of E. By default shooting stars fall from the sky which can also be converted to E.

Green The Planet

Comet Decomposer

Comet Decomposer is the weapon from which you can shoot the comets. When comets get destroyed, they shatter into fragments which can then be converted to E. Here are the types of weapons. All the weapons are upgradable

  1. Cannon – Type
  2. Missile – Type
  3. Laster – Type
  4. Auto Launcher


Auto Collector

The Auto Collector is a machine that collects shooting stars fallen on the planet’s surface while you are asleep. The capacity level can be upgraded of the machine. The collection speed of the machine can also be upgraded


Comet Detector

This is a radar system to detect comets. It finds rare ones occasionally. If you upgrade Detection Rate then the rate of rare comets increase. After that if you upgrade Detection Speed then the speed of the detection increases.


If you like the game, please support the developer

Game Link: Green The Planet (Android)

Game Link: Green The Planet (iOS)



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