Green The Planet 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategy

Green The Planet 2 is a game by Kikaku Damashii, Inc. where you have to green-ify the planet. This game is sequel to Green The Planet. Although, you have travelled from planets to planets greening it. You are making the universe a comfortable place to live. Here your objective is the same as the previous one, greening the planets as you move on. Travelling on the same UFO and making the planets a better place to live.

Upgrade you weapons on the Go

There are a wide array of weapons in the game. Try all the weapons by unlocking it. You can also upgrade the weapon and try to increase its effectiveness and firepower. For example if you try to upgrade the cannon type, it will fire two cannons a once, There are also some extra weapons added prior to previous weapons. The available weapons are

  1. Cannon
  2. Missile
  3. Laser
  4. Reflection Shot
  5. Spread Shot
  6. Charge Shot


Use Auto Collector

Auto collector is a bot which will automatically collect the the comet/meteor fragments which are dropping off from the sky. You can upgrade is capacity so that it can store more comets and then you collect it at your wish. This item is very valuable for off-screen time as it will auto collect the comet fragments and increase your E.

Always Keep Comet Surveillance ON

Putting comet surveillance on helps you detect comets and increase the chances of rare comets . So, the more detection speed is increased, the easier the comets will be found. Similarly, the more detection rate is increased, the more numbers of comets will be found. Max up the levels on these if you want to green-ify the planet faster.

Collect enough E and special items for weapon upgrades

If you collect enough E , rather than spending on green-ing you can also upgrade weapons and create another unit of weapon. It’s like dual wield when you try to shoot it. Helps destroying comets faster. You can also upgrade to auto launcher but its quite expensive. You can also find fusion stone in order to fuse two weapons and it will be a whole new weapon.

Game Link: Green The Planet 2 (Android)

Game Link: Green The Planet 2 (iOS)

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