Godzilla Defense Force Guide, Best Cards, Artifacts, Time Travel, & Tips

godzilla defense force

godzilla defense force

Godzilla Defense Force is a strategy game with a bit of idle game mixed developed by NEXON Company.  The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK file from HERE and iOS file from HERE. With huge monsters at your bay, you need to recruit soldiers and command them to defeat the Kaiju monsters. To win over monsters, you need to upgrade your base, collect artifacts, cards, and if required do the time travel.

In this post of Godzilla Defense Force, we will show you how to collect cards, best cards, artifacts, how to time travel and much more.

Godzilla Defense Force Guide

You will first start from the Tokyo map while other areas will unlock as you keep leveling up your headquarter and upgrading your base. You need to deploy your forces to defeat the monsters that attack from the bay. To deploy armies, you need to tap on the screen. You can leave the screen idle which will result in slower deployment of forces and less damage to monsters. Low-level monsters don’t have a time limit on them, so you can take as much time you need or leave the screen idle to grab a cup of coffee. But be careful you need to tap with full forces if your base isn’t fully prepared for any Kaiju attack.

Killing monsters will grant you coins which will be useful in upgrading your base and recruiting new soldiers. You can unlock new buildings or upgrade the old ones by going to the “G” icon at the bottom of the screen. You can unlock barracks, tanks, turret, helicopters and much more to deal heavy damage to monsters. When you tap on the screen to deploy soldiers, you only increase the production speed of the basic soldiers. All other soldiers production rate will be the same. So don’t forget to upgrade your basic soldiers as much as you can.

After defeating each boss at consecutive 10 levels. you will earn card as a reward. Each card provides different stats, damage and production boost of your headquarter and help you in defeating enemy monsters. To use these cards you need energy. High tier cards will require more energy than low tier cards. You can check the energy consumed by each card by simply tapping the card, Your energy bar will be displayed at the bottom of the game screen and will keep regenerating slowly. You can also use diamonds to fill the energy bar.

Godzilla Defense Force How To Get Artifacts And Time Travel

Time travel feature only gets unlocked when your headquarter reaches level 5. To quick reach level 5, you need to upgrade the base and recruit more troops and defeat enemy Kaiju that appears on each consecutive 10 levels. Once you reach level 5 you can use the time travel feature by tapping on the time icon at the bottom of the screen, select time travel and tap Confirm. Once you time travel, you will lose all your base upgrades and headquarter levels.

But Don’t worry you will still have your coins, X-nium and you will also get some time shards. You can use these time shards to unlock artifacts that will give a permanent boost to your troops and headquarter.

Note: Use the time travel feature only when it’s too difficult to defeat a Kaiju monster and you need the power of artifacts.

Godzilla Defense Force Cards And How To Choose Best Cards

In this game, after defeating a Kaiju at each consecutive level of 10. You will get the Kaiju card as a reward. As we have already discussed above using these cards will consume some of your energy which is called G-cell. You can increase the capacity of G-cell by increasing your headquarter level. So don’t keep spamming these cards. Strategies which cards will be best for use. You can select the best cards by looking at the stars in the cards. Stars displayed on the card determine the rarity of that card.

Each card provides a different boost to your headquarter such as increase damage, attack speed, production speed or some Godzilla might come to your rescue and deal a heavy blow to the monster Kaiju. There is a total of more than 120+ cards to be unlocked in this game. You can also unlock the free cards from the shop or buy them using diamonds. To equip a card, tap on cards at the bottom of the screen and go to select cards. There choose the best cards and select them, then tap on equip.

You can also increase the level of the card by using the indicated card power or by getting similar copies of the card. You can earn card power by grinding your low tier cards. The cards which you are not using can be grinded to earn some card power which will increase the level of your high tier card. To grind a card, select a low tier card and tap on the grind. The game will ask you are you sure? Tap on on OK.

Godzilla Defense Force Tips

Attack The Weak Spot

While your troops are dealing damage, and you are tapping the screen to deploy them as fast as possible, Kaiju will show its weak spot for a few seconds. You need to tap on the weak spot to deal a heavy blow to the monster and kill him within the time frame.

Rescue Civilians To Colonize In Moon & Mine Moonstone

When the monsters are wreaking havoc in the city and you are busy fighting them, there will be some civilians who are in some buildings. You need to locate the civilians and tap on them to rescue them. You need to send the civilians to the moon to farm moonstones which are the in-game currency. You can use these moonstones to open card pack. You can buy these card packs from the store for 150 moonstones. You can find these civilians in the tower in Tokyo and near the bridge in London.

Open Free Packs

You can open a free pack in every 6 hours from the store. Opening these packs will grant you different cards that you can use during the battle with monsters. These cards will grant you special buffs, stats and increase the production rate. Some of these cards have Godzilla in it which will come to your rescue and deal heavy damage to the Kaiju monster.

Collect X-nium

After completing achievement you can collect them by tapping on the trophy icon at the top left corner of the screen. Achievement rewards are mostly diamonds which will help you in buying high tier card packs from the store. Keep saving your diamonds to buy the rare card pack.

Double Your Coins

When you remain offline for hours, your troops will still be fighting with the monsters and collecting coins. You can double your coin income by simply watching an Ad. Coins are very important in this game and you need to collect whatever you are getting to upgrade your base faster.


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