Frag Pro Shooter Guide, Tier List, Tips, Cheats And Strategy

Frag Pro Shooter

Frag Pro Shooter

Frag Pro  Shooter game is a multiplayer action FPS game by OH BIBI was released worldwide on March 5th, 2019. The game feature a unique combat style where both the players can select up to 5 different heroes. The main objective of the game is to destroy your opponent Base, you can destroy it by attacking the 3 shields located in the enemy base.

Frag Pro shooter has a total 37 unique character available to unlock and unleash mayhem on your opponent. Each Character has their own special ability, movement speed, firing rate etc. Players need to unlock the character and add them to deck.

In this guide, I will talk about the basics of this game, while providing with important tips and strategy to maximize your wins.

Frag Pro Shooter Basic Guide

In Frag Pro Shooter you have to create a deck with 5 heroes and start battling the opponent. You can either tap the screen to shoot or just aim at the opponent to kill them. To maximize your damage output always try to aim at other characters head.

You can command your other 4 heroes to attack enemy shield by tapping on it. The main objective is to destroy opponent shield while defending your own. Make sure to pick up health kits, coins, and diamonds which can found lying in certain areas of the map.

After the game ends you get are awarded a crate which might take a few hours to open. From the crate, you can get a character card which will help you in unlocking them. As you keep winning and collecting trophy, you will be promoted to a higher league and can compete with pro players.

Frag Pro Shooter

Frag Pro Shooter Guide

In this part, we will learn about the in-depth details about the game and characters.

Battle Deck

You can go to the battle deck from the left side of your screen where you can see three cards. Tap on them to show your unlocked and locked character. You can select up to 5 champions in each deck and can build up to 3 decks of a different champion combination.

To add a hero in your battle deck just simply tap the champion which is below the deck. Then click on the Use button which can be found under your champion that is already in the deck and replaces them.

Frag Pro Shooter

Character Guide

Frag Pro Shooter game displays a unique variety of champions to choose. Each character has some special ability, different hit points, strength, and weakness.  For Example, Heavy champions have more HP (Hit points) while Infantry or Light character have low hit points.

Below is a detailed guide about every character which will help you in to understand them better.

Tier 1 Legendry
Name (Type)Hit-PointsDamage/SecondSpeed(meter/second)Speed While Shooting (meter/second)Respawn Delay (seconds)Weapon Range (meter)Strong Against
STRIKER (Mechanized)16241-418 8 22 40 Mechanized
LAIKA (Mechanized)28837-565.54 22 100Mechanized
SHINO (Heavy)3159-154.51.522200Digital
VOLCANO (Infantry)18070-1165.51.522100Mechanized
BARON VOODOOM (Digital)18020-60622245Mechanized

Tier 2 Epic
Name (Type)Hit-PointsDamage/SecondSpeed(meter/second)Speed While Shooting (meter/second)Respawn Delay (seconds)Weapon Range (meter)Strong Against
Scout & Nutty (Heavy)2255-415.51.52225Light
Smoker (Light)18015-925.54.52220Heavy
Meduza (Light)15032-65622230Mechanized
Lucha Muerta (Heavy)45060-7455.5233.2Light
Quarter-BK (Heavy)34531-395.55.522200Light
Freeze-B (Infantry)18737-456.52.52245Mechanized
Amelie (Infantry)15023-455.51.52260Light
Bot Mama (Mechanized)1509-426.52.52245Infantry
Long Shot (Infantry)11228-286322250Light

Tier 3 Rare
Name (Type)Hit-PointsDamage/SecondSpeed(meter/second)Speed While Shooting (meter/second)Respawn Delay (seconds)Weapon Range (meter)Strong Against
Cyber Cop (Mechanized)21019-385.51.52260Digital
Prisoner-99 (Heavy)1803-305.51.52225Light
Ape Suit (Mechanized)21631-425.51.52445Digital
Desperados (Mechanized)12029-43622240Heavy
Vlad (Light)14423-236322100Infantry
Cyber Girl (Digital)12016-48622245Heavy
Genkis (Heavy)21647-585.51.52260Heavy
Jack 'EL Padre' (Infantry)1203-1155.51.52225Infantry
Rick Rock (Infantry)13829-38642230Heavy
Slimer (Light)21655-556222100Infantry
Jet (Light)12034-516.52.522100Building

Tier 4 Common
Name (Type)Hit-PointsDamage/SecondSpeed(meter/second)Speed While Shooting (meter/second)Respawn Delay (seconds)Weapon Range (meter)Strong Against
Virus (Digital)11029-296.52.516100
Andrometa (Mechanized)10029-47622245Building
Cleo (Infantry)10020-40622230
Quertza (Infantry)10028-42622230Building
Eagle Eye (Light)10040-535.51.522100
Mecha Knight (Mechanized)19017-345.51.52260
Pocahunter (Light)11030-307622100
Big Paku (Heavy)20019-325.52.522100Building
Jay B (Infantry)11018-54622260
Dr. Frost (Heavy)1873-6651.52725
Dan (Infantry)11027-41622240

How To Unlock New Characters and Upgrade Them

New characters can be unlocked by opening crates, which you will gain after winning a match. Keep collecting trophy and crates to unlock different characters. Certain high tier characters are unlocked when you are promoted to a higher arena. To get promoted you need to win a lot of trophies.

Frag Pro Shooter

You can upgrade your character only when you earn a certain amount of cards for that character. You can earn cards by completing missions or opening crates. You get to open free chest in the mission tab withing every few hour, so always keep an eye on mission tab . To upgrade your character go to the battle deck, tap on the character you want to upgrade and select info. Now a pop up will appear displaying the details of that character and at the bottom of the page, you can find the upgrade button.

How To Switch Character During a Match

In Frag Pro Shooter you can select up to 5 characters to battle and you can change your character during the respawn time by simply tapping on the other character. A player should always switch character after death, most of the character takes an average 22 sec to respawn. So when you die during battle your character will require 22 sec to join the battle again, so switching character which is alive and controlling them will result better in winning games.

Frag Pro Shooter

Frag Pro Shooter Tips:

1. Always Keep Your Battle Deck Characters Upgraded

During the battle, although you control only 1 character your other 4 characters will also help you in facing the opponent and winning the battle. You also need to keep switching your character after they die, so you have to keep all 5 characters upgraded to maximize the damage of each character resulting in winning. You can ignore certain heroes which you won’t be using in battle anymore

2. Observe your Mini-Map

Always keep observing you mini-map to plan your next attack. The mini-map is available on the top left corner of the screen where you can see your enemies and teammates. The enemies will be marked red so make sure you avoid where there is a cluster of red marks. Plan your attack carefully, sneak in their base to maximize damage to shield.

3. Keep Moving while Shooting

If you are constantly moving while shooting, it will be hard for your enemies to target you and you will have an advantage over them. If you are using an Infantry character whose movement speed is very high, make sure to attack their heavy while moving as they have really slow movement speed. If you are standing still while shooting, it will be really easy for the enemy to kill you.

4. Pick Health Pack When Low HP

If you are heavily damaged by your enemy, take some cover and search for health pack that can found lying in the map. Picking up health pack will increse you hit points and makes you ready to fight again. If you don’t pick up health packs and die, you will be at disadvantage playing 5 vs 4 character for average 22 sec.

5. Choose The Best Character

Above i have shown a table featuring every player available in Frag Pro  Shooter. You should know about all the characters, compare each one of them to find your best 5 suitable ones and unleash chaos in the battle field.

6. Use Your Special Ability Wisely

In Frag Pro Shooter every character has some special abilty as i have mentioned above so make you time your abilty perfectly. Using it at the right time will help you a many ways. For Example Mr. Frost special abilty is to throw volley of snowballs which deal massive damage  over time and slows down the enemy. The best time to use it when an enemy is escaping at low HP.

7. Learn The Weakness In Training Mode

The training mode can be accessed by visitng the battle deck section and by tapping the 1st icon bull’s eye at the right bottom side of the page. There you can test the special ability of your characters. So always try this mode with new heroes, to learn their strenght and weaknesses and make neccessary changes in your battle deck.



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