Flip Dunk Guide On Trampoline, Slides, Rings, Level 60 Bug & Tips

Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk

Flip Dunk is a casual sports game developed by VOODOO. The game is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. This developer is famous for its small size competitive games. You can check out all their games by click HERE, and we are sure you will like all of them. The controls of this game are quite simple, you just have to hold your screen to flips and shoot the basket.

In this post of Flip Dunk, I will show the game guide and tips on various obstacles like trampoline, slide, rings and much more. We have also encountered a bug at level 60 where there is no basket to clear the stage.

Flip Dunk Guide & Tips

If you are new to this type of mobile game, I am sure you will love it. To clear a stage, you need to perform a number of flips and while performing the flips you will encounter some obstacles. We will give some specific tips by which you can clear all the stages till level 60 easily. The obstacles that you will encounter in this game are:


The first and basic obstacle you will encounter in this game is a trampoline. Depending on your height before some trampoline you can do 2-3 flips. Make sure while landing on the trampoline you land on your feet or backside. Sometimes while landing backside the ball falls from your hand too. So the best way to land on a trampoline is on your feet. I have noticed while doing a flip, your character slows down a little. This can help you in some round where due to extra speed you are failing to shoot the basket. You can perform some extra flips that are not required in some stages although that won’t give you any bonus.


Slides are quite tricky to get and I have failed numerous time before mastering it. The only way to clear the stages which have slide is to not focus on the slide. You can perform 1 or 2 flips before landing on the slide and it doesn’t matter if you land on your backside or frontside. But mostly we land on our backside which we will recommend to you too.

You might have noticed sometimes you fail to reach the basket but you have done a number of flips. As we have mentioned above flips reduces your speed, so while taking off from the slide I suggest you to wait for few seconds, till you have reached quite far from the slide and then start to flip. This way you can reach the basket easily and clear the level. The rooftop slides shouldn’t be any problem for you and are easy to clear.


The rings are the worst kind of obstacles as you need to be perfect with your character motion in air to complete the level which has rings. If the ring is below you, try to land straight on your feet on the trampoline and if the rings are sidewards. You need to perfect your character motion to 180 degrees in order to pass through. Any contact with the ring will reduce the speed of your character and you won’t be able to clear the stage.

Flip Dunk Shoot Basket Perfectly

The best way to shoot the basket is to always keep the ball above the hoop while landing. Sometimes we believe the landing cannot be perfect and get stuck in the basket. If you get stuck in the hoop, the character automatically goes backward and falls down, but in that time if you hold your screen, your character tries to flip on the hoop and sometimes the ball goes in the basket.

On some level, you have to shoot the basket backward. Make sure you don’t overdo the flips and it’s okay to not get perfect on all levels. While shooting backward the concept is same, you have to just keep the ball above the hoop while landing. You can change the motion of your character just by holding the screen and lands perfectly on the basket.

Flip Dunk Level 60 Bug

I cannot pass the level 60 stage due to no basket on the boat. I have already sent feedback to the game developer and hoping it will get fixed soon. Comment down below if you are facing the same problem or if you are stuck at any level before that we will be happy to help you out.

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