Flash Party Beginner’s Guide: How to KO opponents, Tips & Tricks

Flash Party is a platform fighting game with stunning graphics and amazing gameplay. Right now its in early access mode for SEA. It can be downloaded via TapTap.  There are variety of characters in the game. Choose your character and get ready to punch, kick, dash and dodge your opponent. Each opponent have unique moves that can be lethal. You can combo with the moves too in succession. Try to play a certain character and master your fighting skills. You have to KO your opponents 3 times in order to win the round. Its denoted by 3 stars in the HUD. In case there is no elimination, sudden death starts when the timer goes off. You can eventually unlock the characters as you level up after getting enough stars. Lets take a look at the details on how to KO opponents in Flash Party.

Learn your character moves

Flash Party

In the beginning the first character you are assigned is Sivi. Sivi is a guy with a mechanical gloves in his hand. Sivi specializes in fast dash attacks. As you can see, the movement joystick is on the left. The right section comprises of Jump (wing button), Attack (sword button). The Party Skill (star button) launches skill of the character. You can drag the Party Skill button into directions for a unique special moves. For instance if you pull Skill button sideways, it will launch a dash attack as seen in the picture above. You can also drag it up and down for special moves. If you tap the button, it launches a skill in the direction he’s facing. Sivi is comparatively easy to play and you can learn it easily. There are some special skills which can be unlocked and swapped out once you’ve levelled up enough.

Flash Party

You can also check the Party Skills in the info section. Access by going to Heroes and then select the character and go to Info. There you can upgrade your characters and look at their skills.

Switch characters for Versatility

Currently in the game, there are 10 characters. You start the game with Sivi. As you progress further in your star pass, you will be able to unlock more Heroes in the game. Every hero have a unique Party Skill. You need to get used to skills in order to commit a combo and KO opponent heroes. When you win, you collect stars which adds progress to your star pass. The current available heroes in the game are

  1. Sivi
  2. Mikko
  3. Cupid
  4. Macalon
  5. Sophia
  6. Tina
  7. Heracles
  8. Alice
  9. Chilli
  10. Magician

For beginners I would recommend to use Sivi or Sophia. Even you can use Mikko. These characters are comparatively easy to play. For beginners get used with Sivi.

Different Game modes to try out

Flash Party

There are three different matchmaking modes.

  1. 1v1
  2. 2v2
  3. Brawl

In 1v1 you face off with one opponent and your objective is to KO opponents out of platform 3 times in order to set the match. Same goes for 2v2, the only addition is an ally. Brawl matches are full chaos where 4 players fight off to be the last man standing. All of the modes are very fun to play. You can also play training mode to try out heroes and their moves against a bot. Although there’s another Friendly Battle mode in the main menu where you can enter custom lobbies. You will end up in sudden death mode if timer runs out. All of the game modes refresh every once in a while

Win matches to progress your Star Pass

Flash Party

Star pass is located at the top left corner progress bar. There you can check your current progress. There are many rewards in-game as you move further. You can earn coins, stardust, energy and chests. New heroes are unlocked when certain number of stars are acquired. When opening chests, you can get lots of rewards such as coins and energy for heroes. Stardust is used for buying in-game cosmetics in the stardust shop. Win more games in order to get more stars.

Season Pass and Missions

There is also a season pass that you can  find in the game. There are several rewards in the season pass such as Chests, Emotes and even Hero Skins. In the mission section you can complete the missions the acquire the novas. The novas help you progress the Season Pass and gets you rewards. Currently there is a Sivi cosmetic skin on reaching Level 70 of season pass.

Game Link: Flash Party (Android)

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