Era Of Legends Best Character Class, Skills, And Secret Art

Era Of Legends

Era Of Legends is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by 101XP LIMITED, where you have to choose your own character and discover a world full of fantasy.  At the starting of the game, you have to pick a character.

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Choosing the character is the most important part and in the guide, we will talk about what is the best character and their guides.

All  Characters Class
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Druid
  • Archer
  • Shaman
  • Mage
  • Witch
  • Priest

Warrior Class Guide-Era Of Legends

  • Stun enemies and deal damage.
  • Shield skill increases physical and magic defense.
Secret Art
  • Increase damage reduction.
  • Increase movement speed.
  • Protects ally by seeking damage.

Assassin Class Guide-Era Of Legends

  • Deal physical damage
  • Escape battle using stealth mode
  • Critical Hits
Secret Art
  • Self-teleporting and sneak
  • Self-healing
  • Increases movement speed
  • Stuns enemy

Druid Class Guide-Era Of Legends

  • Deal physical damage
  • Increase HP and physical defense
  • Deal range damage using moon raven skill
  • Knock-back
  • Heal allies
  • Increases attack and movement speed of allies
Secret Art
  • Increases defense and HP
  • Increase damange reduction of allies

Archer Class Guide-Era Of Legends

  • Deal physical damage
  • Summons beast
  • AoE Scatter Shot
  • Interrupt  effect upon power shot
Secret Art
  • Knock-Back
  • Trap enemy
  • Increase movement speed
  • Reduce enemy speed

Shaman Class Guide-Era Of Legends

  • Restore allies HP
  • Deal magic damage and interrupt targets
  • Summons fire totem that auto attack enemies
  • Summon water totem that heals allies
Secret Art
  • Increases stats of allies
  • Turns enemy into frog for few seconds
  • Increases allies damage reduction
  • Increases atttack damage of all allies
  • Decreses enemy speed
  • Stuns  enemies

Mage Class Guide-Era Of Legends

  • Bombard enemies multiple times
  • Blast enemy dealing massive magic damage
  • Bombard enemies and interrupts them
  • Soul Rain skill deals magic damage for few seconds
Secret Art
  • Self-teleportation
  • Increases movement speed
  • Turns enemies into sheep and remove positive buffs
  • Self-healing

Witch Class Guide-Era Of Legends

  • Deal damage to enemies multiple times
  • Immolate effect like mage soul rain
  • Summons devil to attack enemies
  • Restores HP

Priest Class Guide-Era Of Legends

  • Heals allies
  • Reduce enemy movement speed
  • Grants sheild to allies
Secret Art
  • Dispels debuffs from the allies
  • Increase movement speed and spell chanting speed
  • Reduce allies damage taken

Best Character Class In Era Of Legends

  • Druid is the best defender class
  • Shaman is the best healer class
  • You can pick mage(magic damage) or assassin(physical damage) class for damage dealing.

Note: These are our recommended best character class guide. You can always share your views in the comment section. You can select up to five characters for each account and for each character you can only select 2 secret art.

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