Era Of Legends: Beginners Guide, Tips, Cheats To Become A Legend

Era Of Legends

Era Of Legends is one of the most addictive massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This game features mounts, quests, pets, and best combat style.

When you are simply starting off with the game, you will have numerous classes to pick from, so I suggest that you select your character carefully once you start the game, you won’t have a craving for dropping the amusement at any point in the near future it’s so addictive.

In this guide, we will show you basic guide, tips and many more on how to become a legend in the game.

Era Of Legends Guide

Class Available In Era Of Legends

There is a total 8 class available in Era Of Legends which are:

  • Warrior: A great deal of guard and wellbeing focuses, does Melee harm.
  • Shaman: this is the gathering healer and cushion, his abilities are run and have an AoE.
  • Mage: Has high AoE harm with a wide range.
  • Priest: resilient individual target mends, has a high range.
  • Assassin: strong single target blasting abilities, does skirmish harm.
  • Witch: gathers beasts to battle and applies dim harm and debuffs, has an impressive range.
  • Archer: exceptionally quick with their assaults and moves, they can gather pets and have a huge range.
  • Druid: a ton of resistance and wellbeing focuses, can change and do Melee harm.

You can check our guide on the best character class, their skills, and secret arts.

Beginners Guide

Complete Quest’s ASAP

After choosing the best character, start the game and complete quest using auto-battle mode. It is a great help during the early game because you just have to tap a few buttons to start the quests. You can activate auto-battle mode from the top right corner of the screen. The game also features an auto-path mode where you don’t have to move your character. Turn your auto path and auto-battle mode on to complete the initial quest as soon as possible.

Completing a quest gives you a ton of experience, and you will level up quickly.

Upgrade Items And Abilities

Keeping your abilities and items upgraded results in dealing with maximum damage to enemies. You can manually select your upgrade or can use the “Quick Upgrade” option. You can find this option on the ride side, and the AI will upgrade your abilities automatically

Every character has six different secret arts. You can check out our previous post about every character skills and secret art. You can unlock them one by one at a certain level which are:

Level- 23, 30, 35, 40, 45, 55

Era Of Legends Tips

Join The Best Guild

Joining only any guild won’t do in this game since you will pass up a considerable amount of valuable rewards. I would prompt that you pause and set aside the effort to locate a decent guild since it will help you in discovering mates for Dungeons a lot simpler and that will be of extraordinary collaboration particularly later on in the amusement.

Consider conversing with the guild chief previously and converse with them, check whether the guild objectives are equivalent to yours.

Likewise, in the event that you are playing with your companions consider making a guild since it will be simpler for both of you to keep up it and to control who gets in and who leaves the organization

Lookout During Attack On Dungeon Boss

When you are battling in the dungeon, and even against the world boss, look out for the red marks on the ground. These are the states of the boss attacks, and they can hit you or deliver negative statuses, or significantly murder you. They look definitely like “red rugs” with a yellow framework, so watch out for them when you are battling managers.

Try to avoid the boss attack, check its attack pattern and deal damage with your abilities. If it seems the boss is attacking you, try moving around it.

Join Limited Events And Dungeon

There are a couple of events occurs in Era of Legends: quizzes, Arena, World Boss and many more. They work just amid explicit server times, so endeavor to sign in the game for these events since they will give you numerous rewards, and rare equipment too.

The Dungeons are additionally incredible, and you can run them different times each day, for whatever length of time that you can deal with it (and discover partners). They give EXP and things, so it’s useful for the step up there on the off chance that you got exhausted questing.

You can find both the restricted time occasions and the Dungeons in the Battle tab on the upper right corner. Select where you wish to experience adventure straight away.

Share Items Among Your Guild Members

After completing the dungeon or defeating the world boss, you will get a lot of rewards and items. All the rewards are shared among the members who helped in completing the dungeon or killing the world boss.

If some items are useless to you or your class, you can exchange them with your friends or other guild members. Sometimes you might get something valuable from others which may be useless to them. So don’t become greedy and keep all the items to yourself.

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