Drive And Park Guide: Review, Tips, Cheats And Strategy To Earn Faster

Drive and Park

Drive and Park

Drive and Park is a simulation game developed by SayGames which also released some of the addictive games like Street Dunk and Rock Climbing. In this game, you have to control a vehicle and park it perfectly by touching the screen. You get to travel to a different city in the world and collect many vehicles in the game.

To complete each level you have to earn a certain amount of money by parking your vehicle and if you can’t park it properly,  a police vehicle will come to catch you and your game will be over.

Even if you are just going to finish the level and crash your vehicle, you have to start the game again from the starting of a level. This is not a problem at the beginning but as you keep leveling up the stage it will get challenging and much more addictive.

In the guide we start from the basic on how to start the game, earn money faster and collect all the vehicles around the world.

Basic Guide

When you start the game, it gives you a basic tutorial on how to park but doesn’t explain the game mechanism in details. You need to hold your screen to park the vehicle, it will get parked according to the slot available on left or right. Each vehicle has his own earning rate which keeps on increasing if you keep collecting the vehicle card. You will earn a vehicle card after completing each level. Don’t worry if you have got any duplicate cars, it will increase the earning rate of the current car.

The cars that you have collected can found in your garage, where you can see their ranks and how much you are earning by parking. You can select upto 4 types of cars to park, so if you have more than 4 cars in your garage set them accordingly to maximize your earnings.

You shouldn’t park your vehicles in no parking zones or else the police will catch you and its game over. Some of the no parking zones are disability zone, yellow stripped zone, and dumpster area etc.

How To Unlock All Cars

It took me a lot of time to get these much earnings by completing levels and watching a lot of ads to unlock all the vehicles.

Make sure to collect your free cars after every few hour interval from the Store.

Drive and park


How To Park Perfectly in Drive and Park

In Drive and Park, each car has its own speed and control rate. Some small cars are insanely fast and are difficult to park, but due to their small size you can find a bigger parking spot and tap the screen little earlier to park it perfectly. Big cars are slower and are required to tap on the screen just when they reach the parking spot to park them perfectly.

Tips and Cheats To Earn Money  Faster in Drive And Park

Try To score perfectly to earn the double bonus. Always keep an eye on the Store to claim your free cars in the interval of a few hours. Watch all the Ads to double your car and money. As you keep completing levels your earning of the cars will increase greatly.

All the cars have some special unlockable feature which will grant you bonus earning in some particular stage, For example, KABUTO card will earn +50% in New York with fully unlocked.

If your vehicle hit the pavement or cross the white line, don’t worry you will still get the money. If you cross the pavement or the line little bit while parking, the police won’t catch you and you will get your earnings.

There is a total of 24 types of cars available to collect which varies from normal tier – epic tier. Normal tier generates less earning while the epic tier has a special feature and more earnings.

Even After parking the vehicle by touching the pavement,  the police didn’t come to catch me and I got a new car to park. So you if are unsure about your parking skills you can use this tip to complete the level. But it might not work during the later stage where you need perfect scores to level up.

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