Dr Mario World Guide Error Codes Fix , Review, Versus, & Character List

Dr Mario World

Dr Mario

Dr. Mario World was a puzzle game released in the year 1990 and has been remastered and released recently in some countries. The game has remastered by Nintendo Co., Ltd. for the mobile gamers and is available in both platform Android and iOS. You can check if the game is available in your country or not by clicking on the links. For Android user, you can check HERE and iOS users can check HERE. In this game, you have to choose different color capsules and eliminate all the virus. The game features normal stages with the difficulty keep growing as you progress or you could play with a friend in the versus mode.

In this post of Dr. Mario, we will show you the gameplay, how to fix error code 0003, 0007, 0009, 9001, game review,  world stages, versus mode, characters, and tips.

Dr. Mario World Guide

The main objective of this game is to eliminate all the viruses in a minimum number of capsules. If you complete a round by only using a few capsules, you will complete the stage with 3 stars and more number of coins. At the top of the game screen, you can see the number of capsules you have and the viruses you need to eliminate.

At the bottom of the game screen, you can check your capsule and the capsule that will come up next. You can tap on it to rotate. Drag the capsule on the screen to make it float towards the viruses. You cannot drag the capsules backward so be careful before releasing a capsule. You can also tap the capsule on the middle of the screen to rotate them.

If 3 color matches vertically or horizontally including the color of capsules and viruses, they will be eliminated. Sometimes half of your capsule remains and floats upwards, you can drag them towards other viruses too. You can use the character special ability once the bar is full. You can check it at the left bottom corner of the game screen. In some stages, you will encounter bombs, special balls to eliminate viruses and much more. This is just a basic review of the game, we will post an advance guide once we progress a little further in the game.

Dr. Mario World How To Fix Error Codes

We have seen many players are facing some common error codes such as 0003, 0007, 0009, 9001, 1007. The code 0003, 0007, 0009  are related to the connectivity issue of your device. These issues were common for the Nintendo Switch or WiiU consoles players. You can check if your device internet is working alright or not. You can also check if the game is up to date or need to wait for official developers to release a new update to fix these codes.

The error code 9001 happens generally for the iOS users who have a pending subscription or their cards are not properly registered in the App Store. You need to check your credit card is properly linked and can be used to purchase from the store. The error code 1007 refers to the compatibility issue of the game file with your device. These issues are mostly found among the players who use an emulator to play mobile games. A stable version for emulator has not been released yet. We suggest you wait for the global release to get an error-free game.

Dr. Mario World Versus

The versus feature in this game can be played between your friends or with an online player.  In the main game home screen, you can tap on play with friends and select a friend to play with or search for an online opponent. To win against your opponent you need to destroy all the viruses before your opponent. As you keep destroying viruses you can see a bar at the top of the screen increases. Once the bar is completely full the opponent screen will be filled with more viruses.

Similarly, if the opponent bar gets full before yours, your screen will be filled with viruses that you need to destroy. You can check your opponent screen at the top right side of the game screen. As you keep eliminating viruses the block of the wall will be descending down. As the wall keep coming down, the viruses will reach the doctor. You need to prevent the viruses to reach to the bottom of the game screen. The one that eliminates the viruses faster will be the winner of the match.

Dr. Mario World Characters

There are 10 doctors character available in this game with various assistants to help them. Each doctor has it’s own special unique ability that can be used to eliminate the viruses. With the help of these assistants, you need to master the doctor and eliminate all the viruses. You can unlock characters in this game from the staffing by using 4000 coins or 1 ticket. You can select 1 doctor and 2 assistant to help you during your mission. Assistants have some unique perk that can be combined with the doctor ability to win all stages. The list of doctors and their abilities are:

Dr. Browser – Clears Rows Randomly (Stage).

Dr. Wendy – Breaks blocks one time (Stage). Changes Viruses in opponent’s stage to blocks (Versus),

Dr. Mario –  Clears rows in lowest position for both (Versus/ Stages).

Dr. Peach – Clear Columns at random

Dr. Yoshi – Clear Objects at random (Versus-5/Stage- 3)

Dr. Toad – Select a few random locations and eliminates the objects in those locations

Dr. Toadette – Hide viruses in opponent’s stage in clouds (Versus), Changes objects into handy boxes randomly (Stage)

Dr. Browser Jr. – Hide viruses in opponent’s stage in Bubbles. (Versus). Pops Bubbles 10 (Stage)

Dr. Luigi – Prevent opponent’s capsules from rotating (Versus). Eliminate Object in an L shape.

Dr. Ludwig – Hide viruses in opponent’s stage in ice. (Versus). Breaks ice on objects. (Stage).

Note – These abilities affect a number of objects of which we don’t know the exact numbers, so we haven’t mentioned them yet. If you want to add something extra to this guide, do mention in the comments.

Dr. Mario World Review

The game is fun and addictive with two different modes available. The single-player mode requires hearts to play and in every 30 minutes, you will get 1 heart. So you cannot play this mode continuously and have to take a break. But the multiplayer mode can be played endlessly with your friends.

The gameplay is quite slow in this version of Dr. Mario as there are no timers during the stage but only the number of capsules. You can only complete up to 5-6 stages as each stage consume 1 heart. The game is not unplayable, you can complete these stages slowly. If you want a fast growth without wasting any money, then we suggest you keep a track of time, so that before your heart gets replenished you need to use them up to complete more stages.

You don’t need to spend too much time on this game to progress but can enjoy multiplayer with your friends. So why wait, install the game and challenge your friends.

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