Dota Underlords Advance Guide, Tips, & Much More To Reach Boss Rank

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords is a strategy game developed by Valve Corporation. The game is available in Steam, Android and iOS. You can download the Android APK from HERE and iOS file from HERE. In this game, you will be matched with other players who may be playing from Steam or a different platform than yours. This is an advanced guide to reach the boss rank. I have been playing this game since the day it released and managed to reach Lieutenant rank.

In this post, I will be sharing some important points to help you rank up easily.

Note: These tips are not fully detailed. It’s very difficult to cover every hero, with all items and alliances. There will be more than thousands of combo which you can make in Dota Underlords. So if you want to know about a particular item, hero, where to place a unit or how to form a better alliance, you can comment down below. I have been playing Dota for the past 8 years, with more than 7k hours in total and we have been playing Dota Underlords since the day of its release. So it’s kind of our favorite mobile game too 🙂

Dota Underlords

Save Gold Early Game

At the starting of the first 5 round, you get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 coins and after that, for each round, the base coins will be 5.  If you remain in the win streak you will gain some extra coins which have a maximum limit of 3. There are three kinds of winning streak which you get on 3rd, 5th and 7th consecutive win. You can see the light blue, purple and yellow flame on your profile and at the left side of the game screen. If you have a light blue flame you will get 1, for purple you get 2 and for yellow you get 3 extra coins.

For every 10 coins you have saved, you will get 1 extra coin each round, so, for example, I have 50 coins, the next round I will have extra 5 (base coins) + 3 (Win streak bonus) + 5 (Intrest for saving 50 coins) + 1 ( If you win against your opponent). So total you get 14 coins extra each round if you keep on winning.

Now the question arises how to win every round? Winning every round is not possible in the game, but if you can accumulate 50 coins faster than any other player without losing much HP then you can easily make a comeback. Every round with 10+ coins you can increase the board level or can re-roll heroes to upgrade them.  The best way to save up coins is to learn about all heroes and alliances. This way you can make up a strategy early game to counter your opponent with minimum heroes. You should never re-roll much early game or upgrade your board level if it’s not necessary.

Learn About Alliances

Dota Underlords

Alliances are formed in Dota Underlords if you have multiple heroes on board. You can read in details about all the alliances by tapping on the book icon at the top of the game screen. After that select alliances from the left side menu. Some of the best alliances according to us are Assassin, Deadeye, Scaled, Hunter, Scrappy, knight, and Troll. But forming only a single alliance throughout the game will not help you win.

Some alliances require the buff of other alliance to show their true potential, For example, Scrappy + Inventor, Assassin + Brawny or Warrior (Tank), Demon + Demon Hunter, and Human + Mage. Trolls and Savage work best with all alliances as they provide attack speed and attack damage bonus to all your allies.

Some alliances can counter other alliance or get countered by. You need to remember which alliance can overpower the other and use that strategy against your opponent. For example, Mage reduces your magic resistance, while Scaled increases your magic resistance. So if your team is taking extra magic damage from, you can use the Scaled alliance to counter it.

Note: If you want some more basic tips or have any question regarding Dota Underlords, you can comment below and we will be happy to help 🙂

Choose The Best Item

Dota Underlords

Items can literally change the course of the game, even if you are with 1 HP, having a tier 5 item can help you win that game. The best tier 5 item according to us is Desperate Measure. You can check all the item in details by tapping on the book icon at the top of the game screen. After that select “Items” from the left side menu. The best tier 1 item for us is the embarrassment of riches only if you have tier 2 smuggler. These are global buff items that have unique characteristics. If you are playing Scrappy and inventor, you should pick the Unstable Reactor.

There are other items that provide stats bonus to a particular unit who is wearing it. In Dota Underlords each unit can carry only 1 item. If you lose from the neutral, you won’t be having any option unless you have the embarrassment of riches. If you have that item, you will get 2 choices even if you lose from neutrals. If you are playing assassin alliance only, you may lose some of the starting rounds. I recommend you to pick Silver Lining to get an extra coin if you lose a round.

Know Hero Roles

If you are Dota 2 players, then you might be already knowing all the roles of heroes. If you are new to this game, you can check HERE. In the link there will be a lot of heroes that are not available in Dota Underlords, you can exclude them. There are 5 different roles according to the player pool which is Tank, Support, Carry, Disabler and Nuker.

Knowing your unit roles will help you in countering your opponent heroes. Each hero has their own certain abilities that you can use to win the round. Some ability can be buffed with alliances or items. We just love the Slark’s Essence Shift ability that steals attack speed and lowers enemy damage on every hit. So once he gets enough attack speed, he can easily kill 3-4 units alone. You can equip him with a Mask of Madness or Moon Shard.

Some heroes are better suited for specific items like Mask of Madness on Bloodseeker or Phantom Assassin. You can also equip Eye Of Skadi to Medusa to deal frost damage to multiple enemies. Equip items that boost attack damage to DPS/Carry/Assassin. Armor and HP boost items to Tank. Refresher Orb works best for Heroes who have a long cooldown and only use their ultimate ability only once per round.

Note: These are the few examples I have provided to know the game better and help you win games. If you have any other question regarding this game, do mention it in comments.

Place Hero On Board Strategically

To master this game, you need to check the movement of each unit you have. Some heroes movement speed is faster than others. Assassin jumps on top units and lands in the back to take out the squishy heroes first. If you get to know about how each hero will move and which enemy unit it will attack, you can place them against their counter heroes on board and easily win the round.

Tanks are generally slower than other units and Assassins are the fastest. You need to place your tank heroes on the front and if an opponent has too much assassin, you should place 1 tank at the bottom too. So that when the assassin jumps to kill your mage, the tank can take damage instead of them. In the middle, you should always have your DPS/Carry if he is a long range like Shadow Fiend or Luna else if it’s a melee hero like Anti-Mage or Terror Blade, you can place them in the side so that they don’t get blocked.

Aim For Level 3 Unit Upgrade

Having a level 3 unit at an early stage of the game ensures your winning streak. You can use druid for the early game, as it is a lot easier to upgrade one of them to level 3. If you have two level 2 druids on the board, one of them will automatically upgrade to level 3 when the round starts. Upgrading your unit doubles their base stats and makes them even more stronger.

There are 5 different tiers of heroes and each tier heroes cost coins according to their tier. It’s very difficult to upgrade high tier heroes to level 3 as there is less number of units available for high tier heroes that can be placed on the board. So you need to focus on heroes that cost 1 coin or 2 coins to upgrade them to level 3.

If you don’t have at least 2-3 level 3 units during the end moments, there is very less chance of being top 1. You should at least focus on one DPS/Carry unit to make them level 3 so that you can deal heavy damage and take out their mage and carry easily. If opponent teams are stacking their heroes at one corner, you can counter them with AOE ability heroes like Tidehunter, Kunkka, Disruptor, Enigma, Gyrocopter and other AOE heroes.

Have Patience

Don’t lose hope even if you are losing, just believe in yourself and focus on the alliance and heroes you chose to form. If you follow these above tips, you can easily rank up to Lieutenant, ranking up to boss will be not similar to other ranks. You need to be top 1 in order to get promoted and the only way to be is to know the game in details and make a quick strategy to overpower your other opponents.

Choose the best item for your heroes and save up gold to easily level up the board and upgrade heroes. I have seen a lot of players making a comeback from the 8 positions and winning the match. So if you think your strategy will work, your alliance and heroes will dominate the board, don’t lose hope because in a single moment the tables can turn.

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