Dota 2 Auto Chess Mobile APK, Guide, Tips, And Steam Link Reward

Dota 2 Auto Chess Mobile

Dota 2 Auto Chess

Dota 2  Auto Chess Mobile is currently being worked on to release soon this year. While the game is currently in beta version and available only in few regions. The game has been developed by the company name Dragonest Game. You can check HERE if it’s available to install or not. If it’s not, you can download the APK file from HERE. The game is currently listed only is play store as unreleased and might get released on iOS after it gets a global release.

Dota 2 recently posted that they cant collaborate with Drodo due to various reasons and policy but encouraged its fan to check this game out. You can check out the Dota 2 blog by clicking HERE.  Currently, there is a huge craze for auto chess games right now. In spite of being only a custom game in the Dota 2 community, it managed to gather a huge player base. Many tournaments also had been held for Auto Chess.

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In this post, we will show you how to play auto chess games, tips, and the steam link rewards.

Auto Chess Mobile Guide

The gameplay is completely similar to the PC version. You will start the game with 1 coin and as the round progress, your base income increases till 5.  You need to buy chess pieces with those coins and place them on a 8 x 8 chessboard. After each stage, 5 chess pieces will be displayed to you on the screen from which you have to buy.

You can try to re-roll those 5 chess pieces using 2 coins or lock those chess pieces for the next round if you don’t have enough coin to buy. There are a variety of chess pieces with different race/class. Each piece has its own unique ability and if you combine the pieces race, your team will get a buff. You can upgrade your chess pieces by buying 3 similar pieces.

The main objective of the game is to level up your chess pieces and upgrade them as fast as possible to win all matches and become the champion. Have similar race/class chess pieces will create a synergy that will buff your team, so check the description of each race/class and buff they will provide.

At some stages, you will encounter neutrals(monsters) who will drop certain pieces of equipment after being defeated. You can equip these items to your chess pieces making them stronger. To equip these items, open your bag and drag the item on top of any chess piece. After completing each match, you will earn some candy depending on your rank of that match. You can use those candy in the store to unlock chess player, chess board and much more.

Auto Chess Steam Link Rewards

There are various rewards will be rewarded once the game gets its official server. You can now register to be a part of the official server and play once its release by visiting the official website. Current official registration is going to reach 2 million. The be eligible for the rewards the steps are:

  1. Activation Reward- To be eligible for this reward you should buy the candies pack on the custom Dota 2 auto chess game. For buying 40/200/640 candies from the PC version, you will get 200/800/2000 candies in mobile version upon full release of the game.
  2. Active Rewards- To get these rewards, you need to create an account on auto chess official website and link your steam account. You need to play at least 30+ games on the PC version to get maximum candy as a reward.  Visit the official website from HERE and create an account.

Auto Chess Mobile Tips

Strategize Your Battle

Always make sure to place your tanks at the front to shield your other heroes from damage. DPS heroes at the middle and mage/assassin at the back. You can check the role of heroes by simply tapping on them. To know about all the heroes, on the main game home screen tap illustrated on the right side of the game screen.

Try Standard Mode Before Rank

If you are new to an auto chess game, try playing the standard game mode to learn about the game, chess pieces, race, and class. You can check the game mode at the right bottom of the game screen. If it’s ranking, tap on it and switch to standard mode.

Save Gold Coin

Don’t keep re-rolling heroes if you not getting a particular one to upgrade. Save your gold coins as you get some extra coins the more your save. If you have 10 coins, you will get 1 extra after each battle. Similarly, if you have 20/30/40/50 coins, you will receive 2/3/4/5 coins extra after each battle.

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