Dawn Of Isles How To Ride, Tame, Evolve A Pet & Kimball Rider Location

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn Of Isles

A game becomes more interesting if we can capture the monsters we are hunting, train them, ride them. Dawn Of Isles have all these features, the latest RPG game developed by NetEase Games. In this game, you can hunt animals, tame them and ride on them. To ride these monsters we need to have a permit to take a permit from Kimball Riding Trainer.

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In this post of Dawn Of Isles, we will show you how to tame a pet, ride a pet, where to find Kimball Rider Trainer and evolve to make them stronger

Dawn Of Isles How To Tame Beasts

In Dawn Of Isles, you will meet various different kind of beasts that you need to defeat in order to progress further. While some beasts may seem weak, you will encounter some strong beast too. You can distinguish between a weak and strong monster by checking the title below their name.

If it’s written “Tameable” then it’s a weak monster and you can use a taming stone to capture them. To use a taming stone add them to the Hotbar, and hold the stone till you see the effect radius and use it on the beast. Once they are captured, open your pet menu by select the three lines icon at the top right corner of the screen. There you can select employ the pet to follow you or you can let them rest.

Dawn Of Isles How To Ride Pet

You can ride a pet once you unlock Boreas City. In Boreas City, during a mission, you have to meet Kimball The Rider to learn how to ride on a beast. We recommend you to catch your favorite beast before completing this quest. Whatever beast you will choose during this quest, you will get a permanent riding permit for that beast only.

You can find Kimball The Rider in Boreas City at coordinates (155,266). You can check your character co-ordinate location from the top left corner of the game screen. There you can see the map and below the map, you will have the island name and its co-ordinate. If you are playing with your friends but can see each other in-game despite being on the same server. It means you might have joined a different island number. You can change the island number from the top left corner of the game screen. Below the map, you can see the island name, tap on it and it will show you the available list of server for that island.

To ride a beast in this game, you need to have a ride permit. There are various types of permits in this game, some are for a limited time while other’s are permanent. You will get a few ride permit while completing quests. You can find these permit in the backpack. We recommend you not to use that permit until and unless you have captured that beast. Once you have unlocked the riding permit for your pet, go to your pet menu, select the pet and tap on the Ride button.

Dawn Of Isles How To Evolve A Pet

Not all beast in this game is available for evolution. To evolve a pet, you need an evolution stone and element particle. Depending on the type of beast, element particle is required Example if you have a gale hound, you will need an evolution stone and Zephyr particle. You can buy the element particle from the market that cost 1000 silver coins each.

To check if your pet is available for evolution, visit the pet menu and below the pet skills, you can see “Pet Evolution” icon. Evolution stone can be bought from the fame shop or merit shop. You need to join a tribe to earn fame or merit tokens.

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