Dawn Of Isles How To Get Insight, Vigor, & Level Up Crafting Items

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn Of Isles the latest mobile game released by NetEase Games has so many resources to gather, food to cook, monsters hunt and much more starting a journey as an Islander and building your own island. In this game, there are 5 types of gathering tools that you have to craft at the beginning of the game. While crafting these level 1 tools is easy, we faced a little difficulty in crafting level 2 tools.

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In this post of Dawn Of Isles, we will show what is Insight, how to collect it, Insight purpose and how to craft level 2/3/4 gathering tools.

Dawn Of How To Get Insight

Insight is required for your Crafter’s Hut. If you don’t have a Crafters Hut yet, you need to build one in your home island by upgrading your Deity Altar. You earn insights based on the number of items you have crafted or food you have cooked. Spending Vigor will earn you insight, below we have a brief guide on what is Vigor?

Note: You need to upgrade your Crafter’s Hut to level up your crafting items, but unlike other buildings, it won’t cost you coins rather you need boxes to upgrade this building. You can get these boxes by delivering items to the ship in Trading Pier.

Dawn Of Insight Vigor

Vigor can be simplified as your stamina that depletes when you craft items from crafting bench or cook food. We have recently posted about a detail list of all the buildings available in your home Island. You can check the list HERE. While these buildings produce some resources for you, which helps in upgrading your home island. Accelerating these resources during production also cost some vigor.

You can check your Vigor stats by simply tapping on your character health bar at the top left corner of the screen. Each time your character level up, the capacity of Vigor increases and if your Vigor is low, it will automatically refill. There is a limit on how much Vigor can be recovered in a day. Once your Vigor reaches zero, you won’t be able to craft any more items.

You can increase your Vigor by consuming Vigor Ham. Vigor Ham can be obtained by completing main and side quests. Till now we have obtained only small Vigor Ham that recovers 50 Vigors once consumed. Each time you spend your Vigor, you will earn some Insight to level up your tools.

Dawn Of Isles Upgrade Tools

Crafter’s Hut let you upgrade your crafting items levels such as gathering tools, element flasks, and home statues. Go near your Crafters hut and use the building. There you can see different items, select the one that you want to level up. You can find a learn button on the pop-up menu after selecting an item. Tap on learn button to level up that tool.

By tapping on the learning button, your proficiency of that item will increase. You can always check the next proficiency reward just above the learn button. Your gathering tools will become level 2 once you reach proficiency level 4.

5 Comments on “Dawn Of Isles How To Get Insight, Vigor, & Level Up Crafting Items”

  1. Ok i did all that and it worked great but says i need level 5 proficiency to craft level 2 tools? I dont understand how to do that since learn button is now no longer lit up. I am new and have done well but stumped here. Would appreciate a little more help. Thanks so much and thanks for posting this as its helped alot.

    1. yes, we are happy to help. Unfortunately, we are new to this query as we unlocked our level 2 tools just by reaching proficiency level 4. Our Crafter’s Hut level is 4 too. This is some kind of bug you might be facing. Else you can try upgrading the Crafter’s hut to level 5, reach proficiency level 5, and craft the tools.

      1. Thanks i figured it out but thanks for replying. Now if i could defeat z’tip, getting killed and its frustrating. Also hoping hoping y’all do more tips etc and maybe a walkthrough.

        1. Yes, we are planning to do more tips and guides on Dawn Of Isles and other new games too. Keep visiting and feel free to ask. Try to forge high-level equipment and don’t forget to build a furnace to collect Ingot. You can also use rebirth stone to increase your pet attributes and max out your character skill level.

          1. I definitely will keep a watch, also subscribed. Yeah, I went and talked to people about furnace, kitchen and couple more buildings but haven’t finished them all yet, working on figuring out what all I need to do because the others I built just popped up these one’s arent. I’ll get there slowly lol. Thanks

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