Dawn Of Isles How To Get An Ancient Pet And Legendary Equipment

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn Of Isles

Dawn of Isles is the latest online role-playing game by NetEase Games. If you are new to this, you can follow our other beginners guide on this game.

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On our previous guide, we have talked about the pet feature of this game. In this post of Dawn Of Isles, we will show you how to get an ancient pet and legendary equipment. If you don’t have a pet yet, you can click on the link above to learn more about them.

Dawn Of Isles How To Get An Ancient Pet

You can get an ancient pet only by the rebirth feature available in this game. Rebirth stones reset and refresh your pet’s skill talent and have a chance to obtain the newest and most advanced beast. To rebirth, you have to go to the pet menu and select rebirth at the bottom of the game screen. You can obtain these rebirth stones by three different methods which are:

  • Emporium- These are the premium currency in the game which you need to buy using real money.
  • Fame- We still don’t know how to collect fame yet, if you do know, mention it in comments. Thanks 🙂
  • Merit- You can collect them from timed events and tribe events by completing quests.

After rebirth, you need to go to the pet menu and check for the glowing paw icon (refer to the image). If you find that icon, then your pet is now an ancient one. You can easily get the ancient form if your pet doesn’t have an evolution. If you have a pet that has an evolution, we suggest you evolve it first and then try to rebirth. You can make all the pets ancient through this method except the Ice Drake and Kumamon Doll.

Dawn Of Isles How To Get Legendary Equipment

To get or equip legendary equipment in Dawn Of Isles, your character needs to be of more than level 60. Legendary weapons provide more stats and will increase the combat power of your character and make him stronger. You can also get legendary equipment as drop by defeating the world boss and sage trails but the chances are very low.

There is anathor way to get legendary gears in this game and that is by “Forging” the level 50 gears. You can go to Sandom at Boreas City [Co-ordinates- 202, 178] and interact with him. If you craft level 50 gears, you get an option to add  Powder. The number of times you forge an item with  Powder, the yellow bar will start to fill and once it is full, you will have a chance to get a legendary item.

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